Uruguay was the COVID-19 success story…until the vaccines arrived

Uruguay is a fascinating case study on how to mange COVID-19 pre the arrival of the vaccines.


The country, surrounded by highly infected populations of Brazil and Argentina, boasted one of the lowest infection and death rates in the world.

By October 2020 they had recorded 58 deaths.

Up until the arrival of the vaccines Uruguay had used Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin and nasal sprays to control the spread and symptoms.

The US press praised the country, even if they failed to mention the types of treatments the Uruguayan doctors were using.

Then the vaccines arrived

A Judge has ordered the halting of vaccinating children and has ordered Pfizer to release the contents of the vaccine.

Upon the arrival of the vaccine Uruguay’s infection and death rate skyrocketed.

Something else changed, also. During the early weeks of 2021, Uruguay’s case fatality rate (deaths per COVID-19 case) went from around 1% to up over 1.5% where it remained through the end of the year. That is, not only did COVID-19 cases explode in Uruguay following the introduction of the quasi-vaccines, but the cases were more deadly on average.

Excess mortality rates also increased completely in line with the vaccine roll out. Something that has been recorded in multiple countries.

Pfizer are refusing to comply with the court order on the basis of contractual obligations.

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