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What you are hearing is PA Supreme Court. The case was not totally dismissed! The emergency injunctive relief was….

Just twelve hours after it was filed, the US Supreme Court has officially put Texas’s lawsuit against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin on the docket, meaning the case will be heard.

This PA case was denied because much of what was in it was also in the larger case that Texas and 10+ other states filed. So instead of wasting time on the smaller case the larger case will be heard.

The case was put on the Docket at the United States Supreme Court, where Texas will sue a number of states for conducting “Constitutionality Unlawful Elections”, and corrupting a Federal Election.

Again, they are not going to rule on the injunction. The case is still pending. In a nut shell, Texas and other states have suits filed against the five problem states. We are better then good.

All these cases are meant to keep YOU, the voters in a state of confusion. Look at the bigger picture, we want a bigger and bolder case, Using entire states holds up better …And ten other states are joining Texas. The fraud in PA MI WI AZ affects ALL US citizens.

And to clear the air…

We do not want Martial law. If anything, ..insurrection act needs to come forth first!


Thank God that Ted Cruz is in this fight helping President Trump and his TEAM. Rudy will be back soon.

Ladies and gentlemen relax, get the popcorn ready, and get your favorite drinks lined up. You will see the art of the deal by our President and his team, Sidney Powell and Texas. At their best fighting for the American people.

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