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Supreme Court REJECTS Texas Case as the ruling, it didn’t stand…!!!! Didn’t reject the facts or evidence. Don’t forget, there are plans long before Texas filed a lawsuit. That was only one one of “many” avenues.

The Texas lawsuit only requested for the decertification of the election and allow state legislature to appoint the electors. It is not really about the criminal nature of the election fraud. The latter is the one being brought to the court by Powell and Wood and the Trump team which are two separate cases.

It’s my understanding, if Texas won the case, it wouldn’t have done America much good because it wouldn’t be prosecuting anyone for any crime. It was a great PR tactic however because it widened the scope of communications with regard to the fraud. But the legal fight is far from over.

Democrats acted in three ways in the attempt to steal this election from President Trump:

  1. Ballot fraud (fake ballots, dead votes, duplicate votes, retroactive stamps)
  2. Digital fraud (DOMINION system)
  3. Voting procedures in violation of the law and the Constitution. The Constitution gives all citizens equal protection.

The CONSTITUTION empowers state legislatures to make state rules for elections. In four states judges, governors or other actors made changes to election law without the state legislatures being involved. This violates the Constitution and affects other states by putting an illegally elected person in as president, invalidating their states wishes. Hopefully, the Supreme Court will find a good solution to this illegality.

In my humble opinion, Granny farming, censorship of free speech through big tech/social media and the activist media not reporting the facts about Hunter and the Biden crime family also played big roles in the election fraud.

Next.. There is no specific time limit for the justices to issue an order in the case, though some action is likely to come before Monday, which is when presidential electors across the country will assemble in their state capitals to cast their electoral votes for president.

I know what you’re thinking. How could they not take on a case that claims states violated the constitution! Goes against everything that we were told the Supreme Court stood for, right?

To be clear, the SCOTUS did NOT rule on evidence! It seems that people only care if it affects their candidate. Otherwise, it’s ok and should be accepted. Those who actually watched the hearings, videos and trials can not deny the large amount of fraud in this election. And those who keep saying none of the witnesses at the hearings were under oath. Look up the definition of affidavit. Each witness signed one which is under oath.

So as it “stands” in Texas case, I know you believe the Supreme Court has made it clear that the Democrats can cheat forever.

I feel the same as most do, but we have to trust our judicial system.

I also ask myself, how do illegals get standing, but our constitution and we the people don’t! We have the other states still in play, they broke the law by not having election changes approved by the state legislature. People want to scream equal. It’s in the state Constitution that only the legislature can make election law changes.

On that note…

Mathew Deperno a constitutional attorney. His case is more relevant than ANY other case. His case involves the voting machines and the “issues” of dominion. He filed today to have the voter machines results to be released to public.

It’s still not over people!!! We still have more than a few eggs in the basket!!! Hold strong!!


I don’t know who needs to hear this, but ‘winning’ a rigged election isn’t actually winning. Remember this. Texas went to the Supreme Court. Not President Trump. Not Sidney Powell and Not the Trump campaign team. So this fight is not over and President Trump will prevail.

By: Vickie Smith Wiles🇺🇸

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