USA corruption on full display

In what can only be more evidence of a coordinated attack on the American people, FBI director Christopher Wray continues the attack on Trump supporters.

After stating in a congressional hearing last year that America’s greatest threat is white supremacists, (oh but it is) he followed up recently by stating there is no evidence of “fake” Trump supporters at the capital riot on January 6.

Funny how the video evidence, and arrests tell a different story. But it seems they don’t even care anymore that they are blatantly pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes.

It is obvious that the executive branch is corrupt but it doesn’t stop there.

The Supreme Court continue to refuse to take court cases on election irregularities. Regardless of if there was or not, why are the courts not hearing cases?

One decenting Supreme Court judge asks the same question. The deep state obviously runs deep.

One must ask who is really pulling the strings in the USA.

On another matter where is Joe Biden?

40 days in and Biden hasn’t yet had a single press conference. What are they hiding him from? We all know the answer to that one, himself.

There is still no plan for him to hold one either.

When you look back at Trumps presidency, it was like an all out war of propaganda. One so successful that a new medical condition was created, Trump Derangement Syndrome.

2 impeachment’s that where unconstitutional jokes. The last one being the biggest kangaroo court the world has witnessed.

The Age of Enlightenment has given way to a whole new Orwellian existence.

Science has been turned into some form of new control where evidence based reality has been replaced with predictive modelling propaganda, then used to tell us we are evil and need to repent.

In a strange way we are back to where we where when the church was the knower of all facts.

It’s just now the elite politicians that do the preaching.

We are seeing our history being rewritten in front of our very eyes.

Question is what can we do about it. At least in the USA they still have the means to protect themselves. The 2nd amendment was predominantly to protect the public from their Government. You can understand why they won’t give there guns back as willingly as we did.

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