Vaccine Perspective

We have written many articles on the pros and cons of vaccinations and shared concerns over the pace of the development of a vaccine for Covid-19.

The following article quoting an Australian health experts opinion on how quickly vaccines have been created is definitely worth a read.

Covid-19: Australian coronavirus expert debunks biggest Covid vaccination myth

He puts some very good points across explaining that the speed doesn’t mean it has been rushed, with corners cut of ensuring the safety of it.

He does say that Australia is not the first cab off the rank, so they can keep an eye on how it affects those that take it first. But it explained very well why vaccines usually take longer and why the ones that are about to be distributed have not skipped the testing that normally would be required.

The reality with any medication that will ultimately be given to a huge amount of the population is there will be some who have adverse reactions.

Every medication in existence lists possible side affects of taking the drug and these can range from mild symptoms to a bigger reaction.

Like anything it is a weighted risk.

It seems that the Governments around the world have all agreed the only way to normality is by mass vaccination.

While this does add to the whole Orwellian style direction we seem to be heading in I am torn between my own faith in medicine and the drive for big pharma companies to line their pockets.

I’m curious if all the vaccines are using the the same mRNA technology as the vaccine destined for NZ.

The vaccine that is coming down under to our shores needs to be stored at under -70 degrees Celsius which is causing a bit of concern.

Transporting and storing medicine at that temperature seems to be the part that has been omitted in our health officials desire to successfully role out this vaccine.

I wonder who the first kiwi will be to receive a jab?

Assuming we eventually have enough fridges that can run at minus 80 of course

Did our government back the right horse with the Pfizer version.

I guess we will find out soon enough

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