Vax passports simplified

There’s been a human right to medical privacy and freedom from coercion for hundreds of years in the west. There has never been a human right to be free from risk. Obese people, certain genders, certain ethic groups have higher rates of various infectious diseases, that’s a medical fact! Yet we cannot discriminate against such people let alone ban them from venues, to suggest so would cause outrage and be called a hate crime.

To think those principles should be violated in the case of covid and the vaccine is insane. Being unvaccinated isn’t even the highest risk factor of contracting or spreading covid, even if we assume the vaccine works, being obese is the biggest risk factor. Yet once again we aren’t pushing obesity passports. Being low in Vit D makes more difference than vaccination or not according to the balance of studies- 80% of serious Covid cases officially are Vit D deficient individuals. Yet we don’t ban sun deprived people from cafes, bars or restaurants.

There is no right to live free from risk of others, every time you go out in public you risk being infected with thousands of bacteria, viruses and other diseases, that’s just life. However there is a right to be free from medical coercion and others knowing your private medical history. Therefore we unvaccinated are not in any way violating the human rights of others by going about life as usual, only the vaccine passport advocates are violating human rights, breaking laws and imposing authoritarian mandates without fully evidenced science or any sound logical and moral framework.

They may think they are winning because they are short sighted, many of these people didn’t even know they have to take a third jab to keep their Vax passport active, let alone the fact the vaccine seems to be ineffective with the latest South African variant. So they can’t think ahead, have advanced a clumsy confusing passport system which will impede business and make an economic recovery impossible and still there’s more talk of future lockdowns despite meeting the vaccine targets…the idiots will never learn or understand this is about power and control.

The aim is to destroy the economy as we’ve reached the end of this financial system, destroying the economy is a euphemism for terminating the lives invested and dependent on it- that is the web the myopic masses have entrapped themselves in. Vaccine dependence, legacy banking system dependence and government information dependence…all slowly imploding upon themselves as we transition to a new age.

Dawn of a New Age; the Prosser Era begins! — Island Bay United
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