Waikanae’s biggest employer declares it is pro-choice

In respect of the ‘Jacinda Jabs’: Goodmans Contracting, which has over 200 employees, says it has no intention of having any compulsory jab policy for its management or employees, despite the fact that some of their customers like KiwiRail are government-owned and therefore only want contractors who comply with Dear Leader’s edicts.

This was stated by Lance Goodman at yesterday’s Waikanae meeting of Voices for Freedom which was held in what was Bunning’s store until Christmas 2019 and then bought by Goodmans.

Each month the Voices for Freedom meeting attendance goes up, with the rapidly increasing numbers of people appalled by the Jacinda government’s vicious fascism. The local meeting yesterday had the full 100 attendees allowed by the government restriction on meetings.

The VFF group now has 80,000 members nationwide, up from 30,000 last month — add to that 30,000 in the Sovereign Hikoi of Truth, and tens of thousands in other groups and we are looking at some substantial numbers of people that Dear Leader and her minions are going to have to reckon with. The resistance to her government is organising.

This coming week is when ‘the rubber meets the road’ and many employed not only by the state sector, but also in the private sector are going to have no job if they haven’t been injected with her useless and dangerous Pfizer substance.

Immediately, this affects teachers and healthcare workers including midwives, a couple of weeks from now firemen and possibly police (that could be a problem for her, though, to have a police state you need police). But all public servants will be affected soon.

At yesterday’s meeting about 16 put their hands up when asked if they would be affected by Dear Leader’s no jab, no job mandate. It goes without saying that people’s livelihoods is the most serious consequence of her nastiness, and discussion took place on how these people can be helped to cope with household bills, particularly food, as well as other services. A support network is being organised.

More information will be posted soon.

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