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By Carol Sakey


CIMATE CHANGE ALARMISM: Started with the SUPER SCARY story about the Ozone Hole. Causing a global FEAR amongst populations worldwide. Change the perception of environment forever… and in Parliament, Ardern announces to all New Zealanders “WE HAVE A CLIMATE EMERGENCY”. I in my husbands earshot shout back at her “ARE YOU FOR REAL? “Perhaps we need to call the Threat Assessment Centre on you”.

SO WHAT BECAME OF THE OZONE HOLE? Never a mention of it now. It mobilized scientists globally as scientists, governments, organizations, the global elite were seen to battle this massive threat to mankind. CLIMATE CHANGE COULD ERODE THE OZONE LAYER….

THE ODOUR: In the 1830s, Christian Friedrich Schönbein coined the term “OZONE” for the odour, riffing off the Greek word ozein, which means “to smell.” Eventually, ozone was discovered to be a gas made from three oxygen atoms. Speculation ran amok as Scientists publicised globally that Ozone is a critical component that could absorb the suns rays

HUMAN INTERFERENCE: It is explained that the ozone layer critically blocks some radiation reaching earths surface, protecting us from the sun’s scorching rays.

NASA documented “The Sun’s intense UV rays would sterilize the Earth’s surface.” Over the years scientists have learned that the hole in the Ozone layer over the Antarctic waxes and wanes. Become bigger, smaller during different seasons, for many reasons.. Nothing to do with the interference of Humans.

RUBBISH IN-RUBBISH OUT: Ozone Layer varies over days and seasons, different concentrations over different area’s. What on earth happened to true science? Eeem Massive Data Systems involving Human Interpretation. What you put in, you get out. Rubbish in and Rubbish Out. Of course researchers, data modellers have human bias and Academic and Government Contracts. Rely on future funding from certain entities.

THE SPACE SHUTTLE: In the 1970’s talked about emissions from eg; Supersonic Aircraft and even Space Shuttle emitting exhaust directly into the stratosphere. They deemed the dangers were contained in Hairsprays, Cans of Shaving Cream.

CHLOROFLUOROCARBONS: Yep that word is a a real mouthful. In 1974 CFC’s were deemed to destroy the atmosphere. All eyes turned to the invisible ozone layer surrounding the earth. And FEAR mongering once again faced populations globally. Scientists then turned their attention to the Ozone Hole over the Antarctic. The plot thickens…But they haven’t yet got to the timeline of the alleged ice melting, that predicted that New York would be under water by 2015

BLINDED” Of course the global, domestic media had a field day.. Owners of the news media have made a fortune on Fear Mongering news over decades and its still continues, predicted Crisis Events. Dooms Day is upon us. Scientists, Governments publically expressed our wellbeing is in serious danger. That we could all be rendered blind

BLIND SHEEP: More like, the sheep were led to the slaughter, the victims of the Fear Mongering News Media. There were rumours that sheep were going blind. An environmentalist told News Media reporter “The Ozone Hole is worsening’ Hence the UN Montreal Protocol in 1987 limited the use of CFC’s (Hairspray, shaving cream etc., etc., etc.,) was to be limited and eventually phased out

SEASONAL PHENOMENOM: Yes the OZONE HOLE is a seasonal, forms during the Spring over the Antartica. And the hole waxes and wanes and evens recovers at times.

WHAT DO THE SCIENTISTS SAY NOW?: Scientists estimate that if the Montreal Protocol had never been implemented, the hole would have grown by 40 percent by 2013. Never mind the fear mongering as to the Ozone Hole…Be concerned about the massive amount of Data that supports these lies, corruption that invades peoples wellbeing by scaring them to bits. .

THE OZONE HOLE” Is subject to Seasonal Variances. Air Flow Patterns etc., However the Global, Domestic Media- Lies that continually scare populations globally…evil tactics that effect vulnerable peoples over-all wellbeing.

OZONE HOLE TO CARBON DIOXIDE: Global attention was shifted to the effects Carbon Dioxide has on the environments. Global, Domestic News Media revel in this scare mongering tactic that’s builds fear into even the young. As this fear is built into the school curriculum. Remember the Acid Rain, then the Ozone Hole. Now Greenhouses gases.

DON’T FORGET THE HUNDREDS OF PREDICTIONS: That have been proven to be FALSE… That did NOT EVENTUATE. NEW YORK IS NOT UNDER WATER. Climate has been changing for 4.5 billion years. Hotter than it is now.

IT WAS THE FEAR ABOUT OZONE DEPLETION: That mobilized the largest scam THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN. Yes and leading blinded, masked sheep to the slaughter. The Ozone Hole was seen to be a’ Fixed Science’ consequently populations globally found the Ozone Hole so believable, their mindset would believe anything that data produced.

THE HORROR STORIES CONTINUE: And so the horror stories from events relating to a world filled with fearful mindsets continues. To destroy the mindset of ‘HAPPY CHAPPIES’ and overall Wellbeing as the Global Domestic stories emerge through Global News Media and Governments, UN, WEF, Silicon Valley, Royals, Global wealthy Corporations, Philanthropists jump on board to increase their wealth, power by bending peoples minds worldwide into the state of FEAR. WOW- WE HAVE A CLIMATE EMERGENCY-????

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