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By Carol Sakey

GEORGE SOROS. Referring Sovereign Nations stated that the Global Economy.. encourages non- democratic forms of government. An international architecture that redesigns a now disordered world. The resetting of Global Finance and Politics. To spoke of shared principles, with an Utopian notion, a coalition of like minded nations. All inclusively cooperating to influence internal developments globally. Helping, urging the move to impose uniform standards. Offering incentives, he said “ we would not have to impose penalties, as we do now”

Soros proposed an International ‘Credit Guaranty Organization’, an additional window where the International Monetary Fund (IMF) would be guaranteed by an issue of ‘special drawing rights’. This a vehicle for improving the banking systems in the countries concerned, (UN Member nations-for example New Zealand), thus this would be properly supervised by the Credit Agency, for it to get the Credit, which could be used in areas such as Africa.. to get the Economic Development thing going.

George Soros ambitiously explained the best way to have a ‘Global Economy’ without complications and costs and that is to have a ‘Global Society’

New Zealand like many other UN Member Nations have the Global Citizenship Awards and other Global Programs. Helen Clark never left the room, she and Dame Patsy Reddy..the Governor General and Queen of New Zealand both play important roles , that involve New Zealand being inclusively globalized.. to hasten ‘Globalization’ (Aunty Helen and Queen Patsy ‘Global Women’ led by Jacinderella) Queen Patsy the Patron of United Nations Assoc., (NZ) (Another reference -Google Search ‘Aotearoa Circle)

Adam Smith, author of ‘Adam Smith’s Money World’ said to George Soros, when talking about ‘ financial instability’ said to George Soros.. “But you need the financial community to back you for your ideas. But the financial community has made an enormous amount of money out of instability, yourself included.”. He then asked Soros “So how are you going to enlist their aid, when there’s been so much money made out of instability?” he then added “Everybody invades against volatility, but volatility has a strong constituency, because banks actually profit from it, coming and going. Volatility creates more active markets. So as market makers, they benefit, and then they also sell insurance against volatility, and that is another line of business.” He concluded, “ So actually, volatility has been rather profitable… For you Mr Soros – and a lot of other people.”
SOROS replied : “Yeah, that’s right.

Trump is totally opposed to ‘Globalization’. Believes in America’s best interest first (Nationalism, being Patriotic to his country-America). Before the global invasion of COVD19 he was making ‘America, as a Nation ‘Great Again’. Trump is the thorn in the bum of the One World Order’, the Deep State , the wealthy big fat Global Capitalist Corporations that will dilute New Zealand’s Sovereignty, destroy the lives of our farming communities, small businesses, the self employed. That mind fecks society in its ambitious efforts to redesign Human Behaviour.. where we all become slaves, serfs to a One World Order.

As Soros states, a Utopian notion, a coalition of like mindedness, ordering a disordered world, a non-democratic globalized world. The destruction of citizens Freedoms, Human and Democratic Rights and Civil Liberties.

The billions of people who character assassinate Trump. The Domestic and Global Media- the long arm of Marxism, Socialism, Communism act on behalf of the Global Elite. In New Zealand the news media purchased for millions to be the public voice for Ardern and all those political cronies in the stinky toilet bowl of Wellington. (NOT ONE OF THEM PUBLICALLY SPEAKS OUT-They all love the UN more than they do the people of New Zealand). The Tax Payer line their pockets with huge salaries and niceties to represent us the people. What do they do?…They DO NOT represent us the people, they lead us into a Globalist Network of Damnation, through their own political globalized temptation.

New Zealand Government will never exit the UN, they are an integral part of the UN. One of the players, a stayer. New Zealand Government was a co founder of the United Nations in 1945. Stalin who starved killed millions of people, the serfs -slaves of the land helped establish the United Nations. (The UN established to stop all wars, bring peace to the world- so that ‘No-one is left behind’- Everybody, Every Age, Every-one.
Carol Sakey

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