We Are Frogs In A Pot

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Communism is coming.

So we’re starting to see this Marxist government reveal it’s true intent

  1. Farming by decreed schedules set by Central Government. i’e’ Farming by bureaucracy (yeh that’ll work)
  2. Punitive anti Hate Speech laws designed to supress criticism of leftist policy.
  3. Centralised Health Authority with minimal local redress or input.
  4. Vacuous Carbon Tax in support of a mythical ‘Zero Carbon’ goal to “Save the planet” (Chinese water bottlers producing Billions of one use plastic bottles exempted).
  5. God knows what’s envisaged for restructuring Local Bodies (what’s proposed for storm water restrictions doesn’t bode well)
  6. Divide and conquer Maorification creating separatism and a kind of reverse apartheid.
    No doubt there’ll be more nasty surprises to come, I can hardly wait.
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