We do not condone war, but…

Is it time to look at the bright side?

Whilst superpowers beating up on underdog nations is just something that should not occur. Unless of course you have used all other forms of diplomacy when faced with a serious security challenge, and the only option left is aggression. Something I’m sure you couldn’t really attribute to either Iraq war (well maybe the first one called dessert storm, hey, we all love the footage).

But in reality, is this Russian occupation any different to the likes of the Afghan war, Iraq 2.0, Libya or the break up of Yugoslavia, other than this time its Russia as the agressor and not the West?

Its quite humorous watching how upset everyone is at the moment. And yes it is nasty that Putin has invaded, but let us investigate the journey that has brought us to this point in time.

Ukrainians and Russians aren’t the greatest of bed fellows. There is a strong belief by Ukrainians that Russia is one and the same as the old Soviet Union regime that ruled over them from Moscow.

There is a strong belief that the Ukrainians were unfairly treated, particularly by the likes of Stalin. They believe that they suffered from the famines caused by nationalising farming in a disproportionate way during the days of the USSR.

Whether or not there is any truth to this theory, the reality is that there is simply no love lost from the Ukrainians to the Russians.

Unfortunately Ukraine is also a basket case of a country. It is rife with corruption and despite its huge wealth of resources, is one of the few ex Soviet territories that now worse off per capita than when it was part of the USSR.

It is particularly concerning that the Ukraine region is in such a mess, given the region is not only blessed with fertile farming areas, but has had billions invested in it from other countries. With a history of major successful manufacturing facilities it should be a power house. It is also ideally located to take advantage of these assets, being located very close to Europe the Middle East and Asia.

The reality is Ukraine has had every opportunity to become a wealthier high export nation, so what has gone wrong to make the country one of the poorest countries in Europe, and now facing a military action from its neighbour?

What responsibility can the West take for this reality?

Is the Ukrainians persecution of Russians, the banning of the Russian language, the USA driven coup and now Zelensky and his desire to promote the idea that the Ukraine will soon be a nuclear power a big part of this problem?

Is NATO reneging on every promise it has ever made part of this aggression?

Is the fact that there is a real rogue faction of Ukraine who beat up Russians and the fact George Soros is manipulating the government enough of a reason to be invaded?

The reality is if Putin sees this as a security threat and retaliation to this is required then it is not an illegal military action. regardless of the moral and ethical aspects of it. War is a dirty game and just look at good old Uncle Sam as to how dirty it is.

The west is defending this nation being invade. Standing in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, and whilst it is understandable, given the Russians are the aggressor here. If they were totaly honest about the reality of both Nations, would everyone be so determined to be on the side of the Ukraine?

While we attempt to dissuade Putin from annexing areas, dividing and restructuring Ukraine, do we support the politics of the common Ukranian.

Ukraine still has a strong Nazi style movement seeing a Nazi apologetic party receive at least 2.5 % support in the 2019 elections. Back in 2012 the movement of Nazi style nationalism saw the party receive over 10 % of the vote.

This is not necassarely enough to go to war, but makes you wonder who you are rooting for.

Also, with all the billions of dollars of aide paid to the country, one has to wonder about the use and the final pockets that this money ended up in. Who can forget the infamous moment Joe Biden showed off about getting a corruption investigator fired by withholding $1 Billion dollars of funds in Aid? all while his son Hunter was getting paid millions for a dubious role with an Ukrainian energy company.

Another factor is the election of Zelenski. A man who campaigned on a Ukraine for both Russians and Ukrainians alike. Who then realised there was a disfunction between the USA and Russia that could work in his favour.

The USA has always seen Russia as the enemy, no matter what the reason or justification. For Russia this hatred meant there was money being offered to Zelenski to be an agitator to the the Russian federation. There were clear signs of anti Russian policies and meddling within the Ukraine Government.

It suddenly became apparent that there was money and kudos being anti Russian and this served both Zelenski’s desire to attract funds and support the agenda of the West, who has always had a desire to show total distain to the Russians. Not to mention the Ukrainians are not the biggest fans of Russians anyway so more political bonuses foe Zelenski.

So without being too crass, what is the bright side to this new war in Eastern Europe?

The rest of the world is seeing just how much the wealthier western Nations are actually running the monetary system. It is promoted as a World financial system but it is obvious that it is something any country can be part of unless you do something that the west doesn’t like.

What was the punishment exactly for the claim there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Something that was proven to be a trumped up charge as an excuse to invade. The Iraq war made George Bush junior incredibly popular even though he killed thousands of innocent people and publicly executed the leader. How did that work out for Iraq. No sanctions on the West though, why? Because it is the West that runs the roost

Well maybe not for too much longer

Russia is not a small country like Iran which has had similar action taken to it but the West and sanctions on its ability to trade. Iran is a small blip on the global community. Russia has a $700 million a day economy. it is also friends with China

Funny how the sanctions in Europe don’t include them buying oil, steel or grain. It would be suicide to do this as China and India will happily take this

This is going to be a huge dent in the European communities needs. They need Russian exports and if Putin decides to punish Europe for their actions, then he can turn off the much needed energy.

Europe is stuck between a rock and a hard place and will lose long term

What is going on here is preventing the roll out of a global one world government. and for this we can at least see a silver lining in this war.

No wonder the Woke Western leaders are hysterical over this move from Putin. They are impotent to do anything about it in fear of it damaging the one world movement. Yet they must be seen to be strong and dominant over Russia. The problem is Russia no longer needs Europe. There are a lot of knee jerk reactions going on right now that will end in a swift kick to their own faces.

The west needs to be careful as there are some very big countries that are watching very carefully, deciding if they want to deal with a Biden, Trudeau, Johnson and EU group of Nations. Or whether they should have a parallel financial system to avoid the controlling forces of the west.

lets face it many nations have been the victim of the Wests raping and pillaging past and are not overly enthusiastic about the way they have conducted themselves.

This war will likely be a change for the West and one the West won’t win this time.

New Zealand should be very cautious as to how to responds

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