We feel your frustration on free speech & censorship

By Lyndsay Algra

End of the day, the Labour party have refused to come out, saying THIS, THIS IS WHAT WE ARE OUTLAWING.

Instead its up to media, its up to National to say WTF, whats hate speech, is it this? is it that?

What is Labour trying to tackle here, BECAUSE THEY SURE AS SHIT HAVN’T INFORMED ME!

Too me, this is them trying to imprision me because of my opperistion to them on the likes of facebook which i have been muted for over 50% of 2021.

And its literally dumb stuff, a dad joke, a post from 2018, baited. I literally have these moderations sruitizing my comments so much that a month ago i was unmuted to be meet with about 6 warning within 2 days of getting unmuted, if they were mutable offences i would have been muted. There are literally people getting paid to police facebook and target, censor and mute certain platform players.

I feel like im a young Hilter about to be dragged off to prision. That seems to be the playbook for Labour, to bad they needed a global pandemic for emerency powers because the skycity fire wasn’t enough.

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