We really are up shit creek

A block of land that was used for grazing and that had no protection from cow excrement getting into a water ways, was purchased and planted with over 20,000 native trees and wetland plants.

This occurred 7 years ago. It was a 10 acre block that had nothing but exotic grazing grasses and some drainage drains on it. The contents of these paddock drains, such as the digested grass egested from the bovines that frequented the land, ended up in the harbour close by.

As It was very close to the sea harbour waters, an ecologist found eels spawning and whitebait swimming in the stream, which was a little bit of a surprise.

The streams banks were planted with natives and has now grown into young regeneration natives bush. Their are now many birds attracted to the area like Tui, fan tail and others arriving with more and more frequency.

We banned cats from the area and have traps set for mustelids and rats to help native species of fauna thrive in the area. This work started about 6 years ago and has been a great asset to the local wildlife with all this planting.

I am building a house on the site and now I receive a letter from Iwi saying the land may be tapu and also damage the native vegetation that is important to them.

I can only assume that they are talking about some of the 20,000 plus natives I planted. Including the native wetland vegetation that replaced the weeds and cow shit that was there before the land was transformed

Interestingly there is a tree I can think of that we can blame for this predicament

I know the tree very well that is to blame for this ludicrous extra layer of bureaucratic bullshit nonsense.

A tree that falsely claims we are all now in some form of partnership with an unelected ancestral overlord. A tree which is in total odds with what the treaty meant when it was written.

Here is that tree

It was NOT a fucking partnership, it was designed that ALL people were to be provided the protection of the crown.

I suspect that the issue is being raised here as there is a Maori from a different tribe on the title of the land. So isn’t even anything to do with the colonisation of New Zealand.

It’s just more bullshit politics but this time at a tribal level.

How are we meant to get along with people who can’t even get along with themselves.

Please someone throw us a paddle, quick!

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