Weekly Quiz

Question 1

There are a number of things you need to be careful of in managed isolation.

Rank in order of importance to you

  1. Random international athletes breaking protocols             1              2              3              4              5
  2. Food waste in the hallways                                                          1              2              3              4              5
  3. Frisbies thrown to you by covid laden new arrivals             1              2              3              4              5
  4. MP’s boyfriends bitten pillows                                                   1              2              3              4              5
  5. The poos floating around in the air-conditioning                 1              2              3              4              5
  6. The security guard with Champers and a hard on               1              2              3              4              5                                             

Question 2

The Current and immediate past government (we need to continue with the line blame the last government – even though it’s basically the same circus) have reportedly spent $400M on a home start programme to reportedly help 25 couples.  They achieved this by…

  1. Buying 25 couples a house worth 16M each couple
  2. Engaging a committee for 375M and buying each couple a house for 1M
  3. Spending 399M on spin and lending each couple 40K for a deposit
  4. Bah bah bah bah bah bah (Translation: This is a conspiracy theory and you do not have to believe anything)

Question 3

It is fairly obvious from overseas events that the vaccine is not the golden bullet and some level of herd immunity is required. Based on our isolationist approach the available vaccines and the average level of herd (more flock in NZ) cases at 6.49 per day over the last 12 months, NZ will have coverage in ….?

  1. 52,345 days
  2. 143.41 years
  3. Irrelevant we will have gone broke individually, as well as, as a nation well before we get either (likely even now)
  4. A future Government will eventually realise this is a waste of time and money and just get on with letting us live and die according to our fate

Question 4         

JA argues “…they went to work even though he was a close contact…”

They went to work because…   

  1. They needed too to fund their education
  2. They needed too because they are trying to better themselves and get out of South Auckland
  3. The needed to because JA has failed to manage Poverty in her self-created portfolio 
  4. So what! One of the secret ingredients happens to in fact be Covid

Question 5

The just released list of 3 vaccines that we purchased (first in line – don’t get me started) adds up to just over 13M vaccines a year for 5M citizens (even after halving 2 of the 3 numbers as they are 2 dose vaccines).  We have brought three times more that we needed because…

  1. The government has no faith in one or more of the vaccines
  2. The government advises we have to also provide for the Pacific Islands so if you add up the population of NZ + the Islands + all the over-stayers in Auckland you get ….uh um urm 13M (insert TUI add here)
  3. Not sure, numbers are not something we the government focus on, just lives (and bankrupting the nation)
  4. We are incompetent, but if you say anything we will call you a conspiracy theorist

Question 6

Which is the following measure should the government implement for Covid Cases

  1. Put them in ‘special camps’ and facilities
  2. Use the police for enforcement and a) – (make sure they are armed when they attend)
  3. Make them and all possible known contacts, close remote or otherwise wear pyjama like uniforms with a Red C on the breast pocket and a) & b)
  4. Get neighbours to ‘dob them in’ and all of the above – offer a reward
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