Weekly Quiz

Question 1

In the last 14 days JA has passed the responsibility to prosecute Lockdown breakers to the Director General of Health (a true hospital pass) and the Minister of Finance has passed the responsibility for fixing the housing market to the Governor of the Reserve Bank. 

When two mid-ranged public servants hold two of the more senior cabinet positions this is called what type of government?

  1. a Tui ad government
  2. a Claytons government
  3. a dysfunctional government
  4. an incompetent government 
  5. all of the above

Question 2

When you inject someone with a vaccine, then test them for the virus, what happens?

  1. You get a false positive result
  2. You get a positive result
  3. We don’t understand the question
  4. You start to come to a realisation you have no idea what you are doing, its not about the vaccine

Question 3

When you realise you are wrong you….

  1. Apologise (Tui ad government????)
  2. Blame everyone else
  3. Sulk
  4. That is a derogatory and non-gender neutral question I am not answering that

Question 4

A darling little girl wrote to JA and dobbed her daddy in for not washing his hands. He….

  1. smiled sweetly at her, realised her I-pad was a bad babysitter and cancelled all her electronic device subscriptions and explained he had no idea why the internet or telly did not work, nor would ever work again.
  2. smiled sweetly at her and changed his will to give all is worldly possessions to the SPCA
  3. told her there was no such thing as the Easter Bunny or Santa, and the Tooth Fairy is running the country so the next time a tooth falls out ask her for some money
  4. He was rightfully proud and left her with her mother, and moved in with his girlfriend

Question 5

The formula for Level 3 lockdowns seems set as:

3 Community cases then JA waits till after the Big Gay out, then lockdown

4 Community cases then JA waits till after the Gay pride parade, then lockdown

This is positive news for Auckland as…

  1. Level 3 lockdowns are the best and only way to control the spread of the virus
  2. The saving of human life outweighs the cost to the Auckland economy
  3. There are no LBGT events coming up for a while so there are unlikely to be any more lockdowns for the foreseeable future
  4. There is no link between the timing of announcements and these events being allowed to take place and this is all a conspiracy theory (just in case you are part of the flock – this is in fact a conspiracy theory)

Question 6

What have the following numbers got in common?

*555      *105      0800-255640       0800-855066

  1. They are useful and important Government helplines.
  2. They represent the means to manage social and moral corruption.
  3. Similar sets of number exist in all Socialist Dictatorships.
  4. They are ‘Dob your mate in’ numbers and are representative of the nation of small minded  C*nt’s we have become

Question 7

JA freely admits she is a Socialist.  The ‘team of 5M’ concept is underpinned by Nationalistic fervour.

Does that make NZ’s political philosophy …

  1. Socialist
  2. Nationalist
  3. Social Nationalist
  4. National Socialist

Hint:      Be kind but dob in your neighbour and/or a family member so we can lock the sick ones in a hotel (camp) in Mangere and otherwise prosecute non compliance

                Perhaps D?

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