weekly quiz

Question 1

Labour are said to be leading the most open an honest government. On that basis we get our information from…

  1. JA’s Monday morning ZB press conference (with or without Mike H) – nope
  2. JA’s condescending pontificating press releases from on high –     yep
  3. Really Good conspiracy theorists and propagandists (???)
  4. The Prime Ministers root –            yep

Question 2

To be a member of the labour party you must (be)…

  1. prepared to interfere with participants out our youth camp (no prosecution likely)
  2. a state funded bully (prosecution funded by taxpayer)
  3. a rampant unthinking socialist with no sense of humour
  4. take offense at absolutely everything and be prepared to force your single (simple) minded viewpoint on the public especially if it involves ‘cancelling’
  5. any combination of the above

Question 3

My 14 year old son asked me what it was like in the olden days? When he got out of hospital I replied…

  1. Not a lot different.  NZers were still too mentally lazy to get interested in the oppression of free speech
  2. Baaaa, baaa, baaa rugby, baaaa, baaa rugby,  baaa baaa Springboks, baaa baaa rugby
  3. The French invaded Auckland Harbour, killed someone and we told them off
  4. I would not be dealing with 15 CYFS (tamari….. whatever) case managers now because you didn’t make your bed and I turned the internet off

Question 4

South Africa reported that the more virulent African strain of Covid turned out to be only as contagious as other forms of Covid.  As per our previous quiz questions it appears that Covid is

  1. Only more contagious for a short period of time in the press
  2. Only more contagious for a short period of time in the hands of the propagandists
  3. Only as contagious as other forms but not as contagious as many other diseases that are being missed in this process
  4. Not as contagious as the more dangerous disease DUMB

Question 5

The focus on Covid has raise awareness of a multitude of new diseases and syndromes and seen the rebirth of a number of others.  Which of the flowing do you have (because you have to have something)

  1. Cantbefukeditis (careful as this can develop into dumbc*untitis)
  2. Dumbasfuck syndrome
  3. Beliveeverythingyouaretoldbyhalfqualifiedexperts disease
  4. Actuallyjustanoveropinionatedundereductedsnowflake complex (also can evolve into the more common Pompousarseitis)

Question 6


(Get it?)

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