Weekly Quiz

Question 1

This government, much like the Clarke led government, had seen a burgeoning growth in committees and sub-committees and advisory panels.

Which is the busiest out of these in the beehive at the moment?

  1. The Covid pandemic propaganda panel
  2. The ‘Do Nothing’ committee
  3. The ‘blame everyone else’ advisor
  4. The ‘Pass the Buck’ Caucus/cabinet
  5. The spend money on things it’s not approved to be spent on, Minister
  6. The Crazy arse property market f*ck it up Ministry

Question 2

Having spent 2.75 Billion on the RWC and ONLY losing 143 million, the propaganda machine is NOT suggesting the 250 Million spent on the America’s cup …

  1. Is akin to how Hitler managed the German population in the 1930’s with holidays, cruises and other feel good events
  2. guarantees the NZ public the right to hold (oh sorry, it was only bid) for the next America’s cup
  3. entitles the NZ Govt, to ask how Dalton purchased a super yacht (oh no it doesn’t)
  4. highlights that it’s time we stopped funding elitist white crap events (oh no, again, no as that would be inconsistent with the only we can declare it is a cultural issue when it’s convenient for us)

Question 3

When asked about the Transman Bubble, JA’s first response (not the one in the propaganda sheets) was…

  1. We let the Wiggles in now Michael Bubble wants to come in too? I didn’t know he was in Australia?
  2. Have that person locked up in one of the Mangere detention camps (Stalag – 91), say they have covid 91 (the new strain – wink wink)
  3. For the last time, I will decide Komrade, me and only me (or the committee I select to advise me – no certainly not the select committee)
  4. Hahahahaahahahahahhahahaha.  That’s what they think

Question 4

Fill in the blank: What have the following brilliant ideas got in common

  1. The Harbour Bridge cycle path
  2. Light Rail down Dominion Road (possibly to the Airport)
  3. Light rail to Hobsonville Point
  4. 18,000 houses
  5. We will not get involved in the Ihumatao issue

These were all Labour promises were F _ _ K E D from the start

Question 5

JA and Fat-boy R (to give him his street cred) believe GDP stands for….

  1. Gross Domestic Propaganda
  2. Go Do Propaganda
  3. Going Downwards Progressively
  4. Got Da Penny’s
  5. Got Dumb Population

Question 6

Fat-Boy R is proposing removing legally deductible expenditure in property businesses.  We need to worry because…

  1. We don’t they, he knows exactly what he is doing (insert Tui ad here)
  2. This is not an attack on business tax base, Purchases and Wages will always be deductible and can’t be removed at the whim of the junta (insert Tui ad here?)
  3. This is a ‘loophole’ (read our propaganda) and has not been a right ensconced in the tax law since 1876 (insert Tui ad here)
  4. Don’t worry it won’t increase rents, it won’t increase mortgagee sales, it won’t take $5,000 – $7,000 out of the household spend damaging the innate value of the economy as a whole, because this will immediately increase the number of new builds (insert Tui Ad here)
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