Weekly Quiz

Question 1

Over the years incoming MP’s have variously threated to refuse to swear allegiance to the Queen.  Once they see the salary package and all of the other donuts they can get on at the taxpayers’ expense, unsurprisingly they all swear.  Using famous lines from famous movies (taken entirely out of context) which line can best be used to describe this behaviour by the greens MP’s recently…

  1. “My hypocrisy knows no bounds”  (Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Wyatt Earp)
  2. “Make up you fxxken mind will ya” (Jason Statham as Turkish in Snatch) 
  3. ‘Flip Flop, ya know, Flip Flop’  (Nick Giannopolous as Wog Boy in Wog Boy)
  4. “Are you trying to make me or you look like the cxxxt here?” (Bob Hoskins as Harold Shand in The Long Good Friday)

Question 2

The Prime Minister last week announced the criteria for entitlement to the 750,000 Covid 19 Vaccines likely to be due in March.  The main criteria are

  1. You are in her electorate (too few)
  2. You are in her electorate. You are in Cabinet. (too few)
  3. You are in her electorate. You are in Cabinet. You are a close personal friend of the Prime minister or a Cabinet member (too few)
  4. People who already regret voting for Labour (way too many)

Question 3

Please make your best estimate of the number of vaccines available for aged or at risk New Zealanders

  1. The Prime Ministers aged relatives
  2. Other than (1) – all older people who still admit to being Donors to the Labour party or who brought Jacinda’s book.
  3. Nil, Nada, Youshouldhavewhakinvotedformeboomer
  4. My Bank account number is……..  

Question 4

The Ministers of Education and Child Poverty were asked to review the Decile ratings for the “Food in schools programmes” when a number of wealthy central Auckland secondary schools were included for Government funding. They commented… 

  1. I like all supermarket Isles not just the Dec iles
  2. New Zealand only has 3 main Isles not 10
  3. We need their mummy and daddy to vote for us again in 3 years (there’s no such thing as a free meal)

Question 5

Select the likely effect of the following over time;

Sick leave to be doubled to 10 days

  1. Productivity reduction, profit reduction, reduced tax take, increased government borrowing, NZ (more) insolvent as a country
  2. No effect at all
  3. Productivity reduction, labour substituted by machines, profit equilibrium after depreciation, more unemployed, increased government borrowing, NZ (more) insolvent as a country
  4. Productivity reduction, employer insolvency,  more unemployed, increased government borrowing, NZ (more) insolvent as a country

Note, one of these is absolutely incorrect so be careful we don’t want to hurt your feelings

Question 6

The NZ Prime Minister expressed concern about China potentially using false images in a dispute with Australia, when asked for comment the Chinese Premier was heard to say….

  1. Don’t we own New Zealand, no? Oh!
  2. NZ, Isn’t that the post code for a small village in Hunan, no that village is bigger, I remember NZ the one that calls itself a country
  3. Do you think they keep themselves amused in NZ by lighting cows farts (hahahahahaha) or just saying stupid things
  4. When do we get their Fish Quota, oh they haven’t defaulted on the loan………yet
  5. I think I’ll get my daughter to buy NZ with her pocket money

Question 7

One of the reasons James Shaw and the Greens did not support the vote for the new highest tax bracket was because high income earners can use property to mitigate their tax position.  Ignoring the fact he was part of the government that created the ring-fencing rules and extended the bight line test, please select from the following options how James believes high income earners can do this…

  1. They cant
  2. They cant
  3. They cant
  4. All of the above

Question 8

Currently certain party pills are illegal to have, use and deal, except when you are at a music festival where the testing of these for personal use will be legalised.   How big a legal anomaly does this create for the following crimes…?

  1. retention and use of assault rifles, only to be used under supervision and on controlled premises or at a music festival
  2. every other law in NZ when applied to a music festival

Note the police have asked if they can also place their caravan and mobile jail, within the testing facility, and the testing paperwork to be on NZ police letterhead and forms. 

As with all previous quizzes, there is no incorrect answer unless otherwise noted, as we do not want to hurt your feelings (and make you feel less worthy than you already believe yourself to be).

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