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Question 1

Taiwan with a population of 23 million, 718 cases and 7 deaths, is a country that actually got their Covid response right because they acted on 23 Dec 2019 not 28 March 2020, makes the statement,  “…we went hard and fast”

  1. A fair and accurate representation of the NZ response
  2. Highlights just how lucky NZ is and that the statement is in reality a load of ‘Cods’
  3. Adds credence to the fact that the Prime Minister delayed our response to make political capital from the anniversary of the Christchurch shootings.
  4. makes intelligent readers want to puke.

Question 2

Trevor Mallards incompetence just cost the taxpayer 333,000.  He gets to keep his job because…

  1. He has significant skills then can’t not be readily replaced (A Tui Ad?)
  2. He knew he was guilty and inserted a clause in a contract to allow him to break the law (in itself potentially illegal but at the very least immoral)
  3. He has dirt on every other member of his party and clearly a propensity to spout off
  4. All the other clowns at the Easter show that can’t shut their mouth don’t want him there either, so they voted to keep him at the circus he is already at.

Question 3

New Zealand has just declared a “climate emergency”.  Greta Thunbergs’ response was;

  1. The women of influence list is already out, ha ha Jacinda too late to get higher up the list
  2. Like your covid response, too late and not hard
  3. Only I can declare climate emergencies and your country is not big enough to worry about, I have more imaginary friends than your entire population
  4. Blah, blah, blah, blah, I’m nuts and my Dads rich.  

Question 4

The All Blacks come out of isolation today.  This is news because…,

  1. It is important as all their sick and dying relatives can now see them
  2. The taxpayers are not kicking $$ in for these clowns anymore this year
  3. By reporting this we don’t have to consider any other news, like suppression of free speech, or parliamentary incompetence and costly defamation accusations.
  4. It’s not actually news and the silent majority of people who don’t follow rugby, can now get a few months off hearing about rugby and the need to pretend they care about it.

Question 5

The most common items appearing on Santa lists are

  1. A better and earlier Covid response (like Taiwan) so we did not have to go hard and late, potentially bankrupting generations of future New Zealanders
  2. A chance to recast my vote for people who don’t hide child sex offenders in their party and have senior members defaming their staff.
  3. More hand outs
  4. The Government not handing the hard jobs to other people and taking the credit for it if they get the answer right (Adrian Orr’s list only)
  5. Jacinda to accept Child Poverty has worsened under her specific portfolio and take responsibility and resign from politics.
  6. A visually impaired ‘hottie’ with no sexual inhibitions (appears every year for all genders – even the new genders)

Question 6

So far the Labour Governments most successful strategy around combating increasing property prices has been…

  1. Pass the buck to someone who might know what they are doing (with a view to taking credit for the reply/action)
  2. Nothing (but talk and then talk some more)
  3. Nothing because JA owns two Auckland properties
  4. All of the above

Question 7

WC stands for…?

  1. Water Closet                      –              a euphemism for the toilet
  2. West City Baseball           –              a reputable West Auckland sports organisation
  3. Woke Crappism                –              an insidious mental affliction worse than Covid
  4. All of the above

Question 8

The incoming Ministers have been warned about Covid misinformation.  Not sure who is misinforming whom. The world’s 6 largest populations (equating to 52% of the world’s total population =+ Africa, have done little to curb Covid

Complete the exercise and match the daily 2020 death rates correctly, we have provided some guidance

Covid-19                                                                                              23,410

Cancer                                                                                                  11,876

Heart Disease                                                                                    4,230

Human/Human interactions                                                      5,776

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