Weekly Quiz

Question 1

Last week an activist clearly imbued with a severe case of Woke Crappism asked me to ‘take a knee’, I replied

  1. Sure if you accept the next time a crime is being committed against you personally, you don’t want the police to attend.
  2. Don’t All Lives Matter?
  3. As the owner of debt collection agency who’s knees do you want me to take?
  4. Did that hurt, falling onto the band wagon?

Question 2

The Governments three (supposed) expert advisers on Covid severely criticise a letter accepted for publication in a reputable medical journal authored by no less than 10 like-minded and apparently more highly qualified academics;

The basis of their concern about the article was;

  1. Hell, it is well written and factually correct and makes me look like a government flunky
  2. Ha Ha I have already been paid, write what you like nah nah nah nah nah
  3. But if they are right, we will lose all our imagined power and influence over the dumb people.
  4. At least I was famous for a minute

Question 3

Legal drug testing of illegal drugs took place for the first time over the weekend.  It was observed high levels of harmless fake inputs (placebos) were used in some drugs to fleece the drug users of their money.

The effect of this law so far therefore has been;

  1. To protect the dummies who take drugs full of harmless substances and
  2. To alert the Commerce Commission there will be multiple claims against drug dealer for selling underperforming product
  3. Confirms a general  breakdown of law and order where illegal events can be made legal if they occur at a music festival
  4. Confirms that the government has no idea how to make good law.

Question 4

Unsurprisingly the PM as done an about face and now wants Auckland Property prices to keep increasing,  when asked a noted property commentators reply included which, of the following:

  1. As Val Kilmer said in Wyatt Earp, her “…hypocrisy knows no bounds.”
  2. Best to get on the property bandwagon when, in realty,  you have no idea how to stop it
  3. She is getting richer by the day and she is a self-declared socialist….see option a).
  4. All of the above

Question 5

The specialist freezers the government were advised they had to buy to get the vaccine have now arrived and are being installed

This was necessary because

  1. New Zealand does not have any medical grade freezers at all
  2. It was part of the package deal (they brought the extended ‘Apple’ warranty at the same time)
  3. We could have gotten some Kiwi company to do it but we contracted it overseas (like the rail contracts) because we like to support NZ business.
  4. One of the ‘million’ committees we use to run the country said it as a good deal and as a nation we will get a kickback.

Question 6

My son asked me the other day, where did you get your Podcasts when you were my age:

After laughing at him for most of the day;

  1. I explained I read widely and sourced views from any number of news outlets if it was a “topic du jour”.
  2. I explained stupid people were encouraged not to talk, especially out loud
  3. I explained we did not have laws that restricted out freedom of though and speech, as they do now
  4. All of the above 

This weeks’ Quiz has been intentionally left two questions short.    This is to highlight that after spending millions of dollars to get parliament back ‘early’ to pass two laws that don’t take effect until April,  other than to react to events and give handouts NOTHING has happened in NZ since Labour took power three and a bit years ago

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