Weekly Quiz

Question 1

Please select the most likely cause of the Reserve bank Data breach:

  1. Not actually a breach at all, Adrian just forgot his password after a few wines
  2. A training exercise in hacking conducted by a class of 9 year old Chinese computer students
  3. The Chinese government confirming how screwed our economy is and trying to decide when they can send their fishing boats down to collect their collateral on the Covid loan facilities.
  4. It was not in fact ‘hacked’, access was freely given to a group of users in Mongolia as it fell within their search preferences.

Question 2

Judith Collins recommends NZ do not support Chris Liddell’s application for the OECD finance role is based on his association with Trump and issues associated with ‘attacks’ on Democracy

Ms Collins seems to be ignoring

  1. America is itself a state formed in armed insurrection and revolution
  2. There are at least 3 Dictatorships and 4 Monarchies within the OECD member nations, who clearly respect and are committed to democracy
  3. Jacinda has taught her that Woke Crappism and Bandwagon-ing are the best way to win in NZ politics
  4. He is doing what every good employee should do and doing his job and supporting his employer (watch your back Judith)

Question 3

Prince Harry has a ponytail

  1. Why? He is already being led by his Nose
  2. Why?  Is it to highlight where his Big head is as he is clearly thinking with his small head at the moment?
  3. It is a tool for managing direction and control when performing a certain task.
  4. He a ginger, he has to do something with it.

Question 4

Bah bah bah.  Bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah. Bah bah bah………Bah?

The response best understood by the majority of the NZ populace was

  1. Bah!
  2. Bah?
  3. Bah *ff
  4. Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha

Question 5

Illegal drug users were surprised to find many of the drugs they were sold were indeed cut with chalk dust and other substances

Casual observers observed

  1. You are taking illegal drugs, you are clearly not top of the academic food chain and you deserve to be ripped off, Ha
  2. How sad never-mind
  3. Gene pool cleansing
  4. You voted for her    

Question 6

Observers of Trump and US issues question the reasons behind impeaching Trump, given there is less than 7 days of Trumps administration.  Outside of the Trump camp some of the reasons offered are…

  1. Pelosi & co are so caught up in Woke Crappism and their own importance they are happy to ignore the fact that Senate resources would be better used on other topics (Covid?)
  2. Years ago DT secretly  broke Pelosi’s broomstick
  3. Impeaching him will give Pence something to do as he pardons him and they all look even more childish/stupid to the outside world than they already do
  4. They don’t realise that by making Trump the only President to be impeached twice they are making him a permanent fixture in their countries history (well done them – they will all be forgotten by tomorrow)

Six questions may be it for these quizzes as we pass another week of 0 vaccinations and 7 more days of Decision Free government.

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