Weekly Quiz

Question 1

Mike Hosking observed that NZ does not have a Covid plan or vision? This is unfair as JA and attendant clowns have had as our strategy which of the following…

  1. Close the borders and pray for a vaccine.
  2. Flatten the curve but then change our plan and communicate that flattening the curve was not our plan, elimination was our plan all along, along with close the borders AND pray for a vaccine.
  3. Pray that a 100% effective vaccine comes along (even though most are between 85- 95% effective) but still keep the boarders closed AND pray for a better vaccine.
  4. Mike don’t tell me what we don’t have when you are not part of the government and we have dozens of committees working on many plans, and we will announce the plan after we know for certain after the event,  that the plan you thought we didn’t have, is effective. (to be read in a condescending tone)

Question 2

Rawiri Waititi stood for parliament knowing there were accepted conventions and norms with which he had to comply.  Good news is, as a result of his recent behaviour in parliament, we no longer have to conform to cultural norms.  Behaviours to change could include which of the following,

  1. Don’t Take our shoes off when entering a Marae or meeting house
  2. Not required to respect speaking protocols on marae
  3. Not required to follow the guidelines of a Rahui
  4. Just generally no need to show good manners and respect regardless of your race or culture

Question 3

New Zealand boarders will open when…

  1. North Korea, Cuba and the other Socialist dictatorships decide too  (we will just follow) 
  2. a 100% percent effective vaccine is found for all strains of Covid (as the Spanish flu is still with us after 103 years) assume never
  3. we get a change of government who has a plan understands the futility of trying to beat this thing and finds a way to live with it.
  4. …., they are open we are a nation of sheep and live sheep exports have not stopped bahhahahahaha (as well as Bah Bah Bah)

Question 4

Close to a third of the places visited by the latest 3 Covid cases are outside of Auckland

Taranaki is not closed down because….

  1. Once again NZ does not have the resources to effect such a close down, but we can spend nearly half a billion dollars on a yacht race and taking guns of sensible gun owners
  2. There are just not enough votes in Taranaki to worry about you, sorry JA said your f*cked.
  3. In five days this is all the places they went,  bullshit,  they have been ‘naughty’ and not using the app,  check their bank statements it’s much more reliable (or more likely the app failed)
  4. Hosking was right, no plan, no vision …..no idea (put your hand up if you voted for them I need to make sure my kids stay away from you so they don’t catch that more contagious disease ….Dumb.)

Question 5

Critics, (increasing in number by the day) of JA  are flummoxed as to what options she uses to manage Covid.  The SIS have leaked the list of the five options she uses and a recording of her singing Eenie, meenie, miny, mo.  The five options listed are ….

  1. Lockdown
  2. Lockdown
  3. Lockdown
  4. Lockdown
  5. Lockdown

We are not sure what this all means as it means as whatever she still got to make a decision, albeit by another committee.

Question 6

According to New Zealand’s propaganda ministry, a ‘conspiracy theory’ is defined as …

  1. An actual (and usually significantly more highly qualified) expert from another country disagrees with JA and her clown advisers
  2. The actual facts support a view contrary to an opinion of JA  and her clown advisors
  3. JA is caught out telling porky pies (refer to discussions around the main two child poverty indicators), all she has left is to scream consp……
  4. Don’t worry about this question just think how you have been told to think (bah bah bah bah)

Just remember 99.7% of Covid deaths in Italy were 82 years or older and had a pre-existing medical condition.  But it’s OK cos JA says the Italian Government who published this are Conspiracy Theorists.

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