Weekly Quiz

Question 1

Education:           Labour recently reaffirmed its commitment to Competency Based Education in all sectors.  That was nice until I overheard a pilot and co-pilot walking onto a flight.

                                P1:          I averaged 9.5 out of 10 on my take offs

                                P2:          Me too

                                P1:          I averaged 9.1 for flying in general

                                P2:          Again me too

                                P1:          However I tended to only average around 1.5 on my landings

                                P2:          You were much better than me I guess that’s’ why I’m only a co-pilot

Circle ‘Yes’ if you are supportive of Competency Based Education                                              Yes/No

Question 2

Air NZ submitted the material Saudi contracts for approval in May 16.  After a few days in office the new Minister in the Labour/Greens/NZ First Government (an agglomeration of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place getters) seems to have approved the contracts.  In 2018 they were then renewed by the same cluster fu*k.

Last week Gloriz Ghahraman went to great lengths to try to ‘stick it’ to the last government.  What did she mean by ‘last’ government? Did she mean…

  1. The last coalition in which her party supposedly took an active part.
  2. The government before that when she was in opposition, an opposition that has been identified and being functionally inept, to the point where there was in fact no opposition as they failed completely to ask questions they were entitled to ask.
  3. Only the NZ First and Labour parts of the last government, because as members of the coalition we the Greens were there, but let’s be honest, not really involved (much like we will be this time).
  4. Or did she just fu*k up and realise she is in fact as guilty by association as the Minister that signed the approvals.

Question 3

The recent issue around the supposed ‘terrorist’ who held joint Passports and citizenship, proved that one Prime Minister actually moves hard and fast, and one Prime Minister (who is clearly a bit ‘slow’) just talks about it until someone else acts.

The hard and fast Prime Minister comes from …

                                Australia                                              New Zealand

Circle the correct answer (Hint: the same country where the terrorist will end up)

Question 4

JA announced a three day lockdown at 4 pm Sunday 14th to commence 8 hours later.  In the intervening 8 hour period which of the following took place?

  1. Tens of thousands of (Covid-19 riddled) Aucklanders took to the roads and exited the city to infect the rest of the country
  2. 35 full flights left Auckland mostly laden with  (Covid-19 riddled) Aucklanders to infect the rest of the country
  3. The government approved, that the next day several charter flights were ok to leave (full to the brim with Covid-19 riddled Aucklanders) to specifically infect Dunedin and Otago University
  4. All of the above

Bonus question: (Circle one)

The makes the Government

Stupid                   Hypocritical                         Stupid and Hypocritical

Hard and fast my A*se

Question 5

With a combination of Vaccines and Herd Immunity most countries predict they will be ‘back to normal’ by the end of this calendar year (most as early as July.)  With just 75,000 vaccines for 5M and no herd immunity NZ will be ‘back to normal….

  1. Just before the next election (with JA taking credit for the 3 year delay)
  2. Just after the next election (with JA correctly being blamed for the 3 year delay)
  3. Never, this socialist dictatorship, along with the disease itself, is here forever and they will manufacture fictions and ‘emergencies’
  4. As we are ‘first in the queue’ we will be good to go in November too (insert Tui add here)

Question 6

Why is NZ a Dictatorship?  What do you do when the Portfolio you created for yourself is the worst performing government portfolio?

  1. You claim the 7 out of 9 KPI’s are better even though the 2 main measures are significantly worse.
  2. You exclude the period for measurement purposes where the most economic damage has been done and say how well you are doing.
  3. You simply tell the population how well you are doing regardless.
  4. This is not in fact a socialist dictatorship you are just the shepherd and the population are just sheep anyway. 

Well we had some decisions this week, all committee based and all costly to the economy.  (Keep rooting for her cos’ if you voted for her, you rooted yourself – and me you……)

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