Weekly Quiz – Politics

Question 1

The Minister of Social Development, and as per the past election, the newly formed Ministry of Child Poverty, were given a 42 point plan to reduce child poverty, they

  1. Reviewed the plan and acted on all of its recommendations
  2. Selected those recommendations that were cost effective and acted on those
  3. Did absolutely nothing, Nada, notawhakinthing, etc
  4. Don’t remember getting it

Question 2

The real reason the Maori party left the opening of parliament was because

  1. They were protesting the oppressive white regime that forced them to wear a tie
  2. They got in an argument with the Speaker of the house about speaking protocols
  3. They were hungry
  4. They were hungry and bored (but mostly bored)

Question 3

When questioned on further proposed moves in the property markets, Adrian Orr and Grant Robertson…

  1. Blamed National, even though the growth was in the 3rd year of the last Labour Government
  2. Blamed each other
  3. Adjusted their dark glasses and played sword fights with their fiscal white canes
  4. Excused themselves as their seeing eye dogs both need to take a sh!t at the same time
  5. All the above

Question 4

The Greens and Labour claim NZ is leading the world in ‘Green’ and carbon neutral policy. In the process of banning NZ from the next Carbon Neutral summit for lack of progress and policy in this area, world leaders were heard to say;

  1. NZ is that even still a country, I thought it was a state of Australia
  2. Would their results look better if they were a state of Australia
  3. Let’s just call them Australia, Scott’s a good bugga

Question 5

Recently the Prime Ministers partner expressed concerned that he was being stalked by a Great White shark.  When interviewed the shark observed;

  1. I was just making sure he got back on the boat safely
  2. Eat Him? Nah mate I’m drug free
  3. How did he get the funding for that….? Who does he know?
  4. All of the above

Question 6

Maths 101: Lecturer G Robertson and S Nash. 

The Warehouse made a $22M profit after receiving a $44M subsidy.  If they had not received the subsidy they would have;

  1. Still made a profit
  2. Irrelevant they are a rich corporate and screw them
  3. Steven Tindall voted for us
  4. The train carrying pencils will arrive on time

Question 7

Manufacturers and growers are reporting pressure from the government to pay ‘living wages’, the cost of which will be passed to the consumer.  The Prime Minister and the Auckland Mayor are investigating ‘price gouging’ in the Supermarkets.

A year 9 Economics student (12-13 year old) posted what comment on social media

  1. Duh
  2. Are they actually that dumb?  
  3. You voted for them mum
  4. Does 1 + 1 still equal 2

Question 8

The picking season for most fruits and vegetables starts in October and is over by early January.  The Government is issuing visas to 2000 migrant to work in this industry (and be paid a living wage).

  1. Good news they are here now and ready to go
  2. They are here now and in quarantine ready to ‘hit the ground running’ in the next few days
  3. Arrive in February and have a two week quarantine to do

Remember there is no incorrect answer as we do not want to hurt your feelings (and make you feel less worthy than you already are).

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