We’ll Give It a Crack

Ardern obviously wanted to show the voters that she is capable of sacking bad performing ministers after gaining the reputation as a PM who is not willing to cut loose the dead wood. Cleverly setting up the cabinet reshuffle as a slight tweak, she surprised with some high ranking scalps and a larger movement than even she probably thought she was capable of. Obviously she found the ministerial broom in the cabenet and gave the isles a good few sweeps.

It is of course nothing more than some optics. A strategical move in the pre, pre election cycle spin. A bit like the single cycle seat on Oracle after they found Team New Zealand has gone with leg muscle over arms.

Likely to be equally as futile as the sailing efforts, Ardern is close to being guilty of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

So here are some of the more larger shifts in Personnel

  • Kris Faafoi is gone-burger. A case of putting the wrong person in charge of the wrong portfolios. Kris was one of the more realistic performers in cabinet, but he was given rolls that in most instances were too far out of his depth. It is a shame for Kris as he could have been a good operator in the right field. I doubt that field will ever be found now though.
  • Poto Williams is another one who just never grasped the scope of such an important roll. Motivated more by ideology than a true concept of the job at hand, she soon became square peg trying to fit in a round hole. I doubt many police will miss her.
  • Ayesha Verrall unfortunately  just reeks of a so called intellectual rat. Motivated more by the power of her status than any desire to do good. Science should be apolitical and she has shown she is the opposite.In some ways she makes Shaun Henry look like a genuine bloke. And that is saying something. Verall is now the COVID minister. she is qualified but is she genuine? I very much doubt it.
  • Meagan Wood is the female Mr Fixit and after her success in housing has been given Immigration. What could go wrong? If there were ever a chair shifted on an ill fated ship – we just found it.
  • Now for those with some experience. Willy Jackson gets Broadcasting, so that will be some fun for the outspoken racist.
  • Kiri Allan is now taking the Justice roll. Perhaps the only shift that is born from some level of sensibility. Allan seems like one of the few Labour MP’s who got into politics for all the right reasons. But I could be wrong here. However Kiri Allan is one of the best role models to women, Maori and other politicians, that I have seen from her short run as a member of parliament. Let us wish her well here.

All said and done, you can’t blame Ardern for the move. It distracts attention away from obvious problems she faces  both externally and in her Cabernet. Ultimately, will it do much to their chances of re-election, probably not. But not an unexpected political move for a party that is realising it no longer is the bees knees.

She left out plenty who are arguably doing even worse than those who got the arse today.

Andrew Little, Phil Twyford, David Clark, David Parker, Carmel Sepuloni, Nanaia Mahuta, to name a few are as hapless as they are hopeless.

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