Well said Brad!

Māori Supremacist, race baiter, and division expert Ngarewa-Packer, decided the only thing relevant about our protest was the only sign that wasn’t relevant.

Knowing how much of a scumbag this person is, I wouldn’t be surprised if her Marxist mates staged this. Even if they didn’t, we can still disagree or reframe this sign so we don’t assume racism in everything.

The operative word in this sign is force, people who support Liberty don’t like things being forced on them. Do I agree that one of the accepted names of this country is Aotearoa? Absolutely! It’s a great symbolic name with a profound meaning.

Do I agree that the best way to bind tikanga to our societal culture is through force? No!

That’s why Debbie Ngarewa-Packer is an arse.

By Brad Flutey

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