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Its far more likely that there are widespread hotspots of Covid throughout NZ, but thanks to warm climate (meaning weak viral load upon infection) and relatively low sensitivity testing (compared to UK or US), the government can pretend it isn’t here.

To think they have captured every single case ever to make it to NZ over the past 18 months is utterly naive – and absurd.

So every so often we happen upon a case – and the government’s preferred “experts” simply MUST come up with a story as to how it “slipped through”, regardless of how retarded that story may be.

Otherwise, they’d have to admit their narrative is completely bonkers, and has been for the past 12 months, at an astronomical cost to us all (but especially to the poorer and disadvantaged).

Why not do a proper mass seroprevalence survey, like they did a decade or so ago for H1N1? I know why…

By Jonathan Kennerley

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