Well That’s One Way Of Looking At It

By Mark Foo

While I was reflecting on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial it dawned on me that a trial by jury is the perfect example of how debates should be settled. And it is how all civilised countries settle the most important matters – innocence or guilt. We take a group of non-experts, and each side of the debate presents their arguments. They bring experts from both sides to make their cases.

One thing you notice in a trial is that there is no such thing as “the science” there is always another way to look at, and present the scientific evidence. At the end of it all the jury uses critical thinking to reach a verdict. The covid situation is like a trial where the public are the jury, the government is the prosecution, and the media is their team of highly paid lawyers.

The courthouse is the TV, the radio, and social media all of which is controlled by the prosecution. The defense is not even given full disclosure of the evidence. Our experts risk getting fired if they speak against the prosecution. We aren’t allowed the floor of the courthouse and have to make our argument from out on the street. And yet slowly I think we are winning.

That’s how bad the governments case is.

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