Well what a coincidence!

The top 3 most vaccinated countries in Europe also have the highest rates of new Delta variant cases. The media and governments claim you can’t read or interpret data for yourself, so why did we go to school? Anyone with basic charting knowledge, let alone statistics competency can see that this is beyond random chance and a clear correlation. Still the slave class will call for effectively forced medication of a vaccine with no declared ingredients list and billions of taxpayer dollars given to corporations with track records of fraud and deception!

By Will Ryan

May be an image of text that says "that testing. Daily new confirmed COVID-19 cases per million people Shown number confirmed cases lower actual cases; reason Cases DELTA reached dominance Kingdom Europe states 200 low-vacced May Herzegovina 2021 2021 Jul who received quires only available dose COVID-19 vaccine q share countries which eport breakdown Netherlands Slovenia Serbia Slovakia 95% (Jul11 2021) 39.73% Montenegro Romania 15 least vaccinated states europe 2021) Moldova 2021) Bosnia Herzegovina 14.61% 12.23% 2021) 2021) 2021) Source: Official 20% collated 40% World Data 80% July. Countries with highest rates have the most new "cases". The least ones have the least. Is that not interesting?"
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