What a couple they would make

Today the First-Man, Clarke Gayford, waded into the political foray (again) this time having a crack at John Key.

Regardless of what you think of Key personally, he did a pretty good job of managing New Zealand through some equally challenging times. The ChCh earthquakes and rebuild that happened during the biggest economic shock being the Global Financial Crisis. The then National Government had the books back in surplus with some good decisions.

So Clarke decided to do the manly thing and stick up for his number 1 gal (we think) and try and knock JK off his perch a lil’


It was this headline that made me think what a perfect couple Clarke and Cindy make. It is not their combined lack of anything to do with economics, fiscal responsibility or achieving anything meaningful (like an election promise). No, nor was it how insightful the pair can be with their drivel on bringing up a family with only Clarke around to care for little Neve, oh and their 20 hired helpers including a very dedicated nanny.

What I thought today was that in another life, another time, the two of them would make such a fine pair in the hunter gatherer category. They are so intrinsically entwined with their true skills that they would make such a couple to envy. They would be sought out daily, and particularly Friday’s.

A life they would live where man can gather the fish, and woman can wrap them in news paper.

Such a better use for the black and white print too, rather than what you see in there now involving this young pair of aquatic food specialists.

If they had an ounce of commercial sense, they might just make a success of a fish ‘ n’ chip shop.

But given how much labour have f’d everything up that they touched, I’m sure it wouldn’t be too long before that caper too was a bankrupt business.

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