What a difference to C02 concentration…

All the global pacts and $billions of expense to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels have done what?

Through the forced reduction of fossil fuel use during the lockdowns and stopping most global air traffic (which achieved more than each of the climate pacts).

With people working from home and tax payers forced to sponsor wind solar and electric cars what have we achieved?

All this has done what exactly to the rise of C02?


Yet we are having our governments continue to tell us this is causing the greatest existential threat with climate change.

We are told there are worse storms, yet there isn’t.

Below is the total accumulated storm energy as measured by our satellite network. Prior to satellite data it was observed data which is increasingly sketchy the further back you go.

No increase or pattern of accelerated intensity.

We are told that floods and droughts are increasing, they are actually less extreme than what we have experienced.

More forest fires…

We are told the sea level rise is increasing, What they fail to mention is this has occurred at the same level from before we started measuring it.

Since we started measuring it, it has risen in a very uniform way

So we need to do away with gas cooking, BBQ’s and energy reliability in the name of an existential threat that so far has lead to the most consistent and calm weather patterns in the measurable past?

Please share with your local MP and climate alarmist who thinks people like Al Gore and Greta Thunberg are hero’s.

We are being sold down the river because politicians like to control our lives and stamp their name down as the leaders in destroying a perfectly good energy sector.

Waiting for technology to catch up to our expectations of living a greener lifestyle is the answer, not wasting money on banning energy with fairy tales of climate emergencies.

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