What a great idea! Who’s going to join in?


πŸ‘‰ Spread the word for this one, team – it’s super easy to do around the country!

WE NEED YOUR HELP… Like this post. β“Ά SHARE this post. β“· TAG a friend below (optional) β“Έ TAKE ACTION as per the task.β“Ή REPORT BACK comment “I did it” below and if you have a pic post on your social media with hashtags #voicesforfreedom and #operationpostitnz or email us hello@voicesforfreedom.co.nz) THE TASK..✏️ Create a dozen or so post-it notes (black on yellow is best but any will do) with slogans from our Voices for Freedom signs. Swipe photo to see examples.✏️ Take them with you in your travels – supermarkets are great as when placed on their shelves they look a little like “Special” advertising.✏️ Post them near the loo paper or other items that people generally stock up on (baking supplies etc)πŸ€” The goal is to get people thinking and to have them engage with us via our website – let’s GROW this movement! πŸ™PLEASE, no swearing or personal attacks on certain individuals (you know who we mean!). When we use the Voices For Freedom name, what we do reflects on the movement as a whole, so please act accordingly.πŸ“· Finally, if you can get a few sneaky photos to share with us, that’d be great! Here are some of the slogans and check our Facebook page or IG stories for more. πŸ”₯ STAND UP, SPEAK OUT! πŸ€” PROTECT THE VULNERABLE WITHOUT PUTTING ALL LIVES AT RISKπŸ”₯W.H.O SAYS COVID VAX WON’T STOP THE VIRUSπŸ€” THIS ENDS WHEN WE SAY NO! πŸ”₯ HEALTHY DEBATE IS GOOD FOR SOCIETYπŸ€” TANKED ECONOMIES RUIN LIVESπŸ”₯ WHEN WE TRADE FREEDOM FOR SAFETY WE LOSE BOTH πŸ€” KEEP HUGGING, ITS HEALTHY!πŸ”₯ NOT ONCE HAS THE GOVERNMENT TALKED ABOUT HEALTHπŸ€” MASKS: IF ALL THIS IS SCIENCE-BASED, HOW COME WE CAN USE ANYTHING?Looking forward to seeing your Post It’s! Let’s speak our message all around the country #πŸ‡³πŸ‡Ώ

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