What about the North Pole Sea Ice melting?

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Al Gore said all low lying areas would be flooded. Actually in 2007 he said “in 5 years time there would be no more Ice at the North Pole” or words to that effect. (look it up..)
Well, let’s put this troll to bed shall we? Sea-ice, icebergs etc, is already in the oceans of the world. Right? Does everyone know as a scientific fact that only 10% of an iceberg is above the water line? I hope so, it is primary school science stuff.
But do you know WHY this is so? Water is the most unique molecule in the known universe in that it expands when changing from its liquid state of matter to its solid state of matter, ie, when it freezes. Nothing else does that! Nothing.. everything else contracts, especially Brass Monkeys for example, hence the saying about the iron canon balls placed on the brass monkeys in cold weather. Brass contracts as it gets colder more than does iron.. but I diverge.
There are 4 states of matter, plasma, gas, liquid and solid. Physics 101. ONLY water expands in its 4th transition from liquid to solid. I just want to make that clear..
Hence why ice floats. Because it occupies more 3D space in its solid form it therefore has a lower Specific Gravity per unit volume that in its liquid state, thereby making it lighter when it is solid than when it is liquid. That’s why it floats.. just to be clear.
In fact the expansion volume is 10%. That is really an incredible amount! Not too many things shrink by 10% when frozen. But water EXPANDS by 10%!! Hence why 10 of the iceberg is above the water line!
“So what” you might be saying about now.. Indeed so what. That FACT means that as the ice melts, the water level STAYS THE SAME as the ice volume shrinks back to its liquid state to occupy the same space. Go on, try it if you don’t believe me. Put some icecubes in a glass and top it up with water to the brim. As the icecubes melt, the water will NOT flow over the edge!
So now tell me Al, Greens, and others who go along with this absolute rubbish “pseudo-science” HOW can the ocean level rise by melting the North Pole which is 100% sea-ice?
Prove me wrong.

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