What, alright…

It’s one thing calling them gaffs…Biden is clearly too far gone and way out of his depth.

Just the news reports https://justthenews.com/government/white-house/biden-blackout-white-house-rolls-back-publics-access-president-appears

“Throughout his presidential campaign and continuing since taking the White House, Joe Biden has promised a transparent approach to press and public relations. Yet in recent weeks, his administration has closed off — at least for now — several key avenues via which the press and public have for years gained a modicum of transparency, accessibility and accountability from the White House. “

Taking a page out of Ardern’s book, Biden promised open and transparent governance and then shut off the world to scrutiny.

“These moves to curb press and public access come as President Joe Biden himself has at times appeared to be struggling with the public demands of his job. “

Biden is yet to have a press conference and it’s no wonder why.

“Meanwhile, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki this week acerbically dismissed a reporter’s query into the administration’s lack of transparency on the issue.

“[Biden is] meeting with members of the Senate virtually today,” she said. “There, I’ve released it for you. What else would you like to know?”

There is that arrogance we have become used to from the left political “open and transparent” politicians

Oh and don’t forget “inclusive”

“The White House has also shut down its comment line by which American citizens can call in to leave comments for the executive branch.”

“The Biden administration has also removed the popular “We the People” petitioning platform originally started by President Barack Obama and continued through the Trump administration”

Biden has cancelled public tours of the Whitehouse.

However, more than the removal of transparency and accessibility. Biden is just not up for much.

He struggles to pronounce names, read his teleprompter and in a recent interview seems to forget critical facts claiming there was no vaccine when he took office even though he himself got vaccinated a month prior to taking the oath of office.

Perhaps it was past his 7pm bedtime…

His best work though is at a speech in Houston where he said, “what am I doing here” as he struggled to articulate himself.

We shall finish this off with a Tui’s add. 80,000,000 votes – yeah right!

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