What an admission of failure!

ANALYSIS: Labour’s new ‘implementation unit’ is based on a hotly-contested idea that has washed up on these shores 20 years after Tony Blair first used it.


Finance minister Grant Robertson speaks at the Pre-Budget breakfast held by the Wellington Chamber of Commerce at Te Papa.

What an admission of failure! Jacinda’s just catching up where the electorate has been for a long time. A totally inept, incompetent government. A Cabinet of non-performers. A public exposure and expression of lack of confidence in her ministers …. and the public sector. Do you really think that Sir Michael Barber of Delivery Associates can make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear? The unit is supposed to help Jacinda meet her commitment priorities on infrastructure, child-wellbeing, climate change and housing affordability. Well, firstly, she’s withdrawn the infrastructure funding. How does an implementation unit implement something with no funds. Guess they spin straw into gold. Hey, that was a kids story. it’s not real.We had the big fuss of introducing a climate emergency … and then she’s taken a 4 month break to get over the hype. She’s done nothing. So what’s this implementation unit suddenly going to do. It strikes me she is bereft of ideas around what to do. You need to know what you want done if you’re setting up an implementation unit. Quite confident we’ll see no change there.Child-wellbeing. How far does that go? I came to parliament to solve poverty she said. 3+half years done nothing; the statistics are at an all-time, historical high. She’s impacted nothing. Starship has to run a cake stall to fund raise for beds for severely sick babies and children. Isn’t that child wellbeing? Clearly not in Jacinda’s eyes. And what about the school lunches? The Childrens’ Commissioner was in full flight earlier in the week about how basic meeting this need is. We don’t need an implementation unit to do this. The infrastructure is already in place: charity. They’ve created their own policy around child-wellbeing based on action. They are a role-model for Jacinda. They just need the funding to extend the programme. The Maori take-over of the Children’s Ministry has nothing to do with child-wellbeing. It’s a race policy. We will see no change there.What is an implementation unit, a unit under-mining pretend Ministers, going to do about housing affordability? Jacinda does not lead a Cabinet of economic knowledge or understanding. Housing affordability is about economics in the first instance, and increasing housing supply. Jacinda has proved herself a non-cover-of-Vogue world leader in the non-production of houses. She has a brilliant record of non-delivery, worthy of a Nobel Prize. So this implementation unit is really up against it when it comes to creating housing affordability.It seems to me that the role of this implementation unit is one of generating public policy to fill the vacuum in PR-leading-Jacinda’s strategic thinking capability; she has none. It’s not her forte. So this move is all talk, fluff, spin. It will produce nothing because nothing is in its genes, except confirm to the electorate her Cabinet’s ineptitude.

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