What did they expect?

Protestors storming capital hill and police preparing for battle

Despite the attempts by the media and a good chunk of the US lawmakers to convince the world there is nothing to see here. No meaningful audit into what went on has had the expected result, Chaos.

When you ignore the calls to prove to the public that everything is ok, when you treat them with distain and tell them to go away and just believe us when we say there is nothing to see here.

Anyone who tries to tell you there is nothing to see here is wilfully setting up this discord between the USA people or they have lost touch so much with what their job is that all that is left behind is an arrogance.

The people haven’t forgotten who you serve and you are now getting a reminder.

Let this be a lesson to all politicians across the world. The sheep have had enough.

Stop lying to the people and remember there are more of us than you.

Standing up for your rights is the last move from disfranchised people.

This is potentially what the puppet masters wanted in the first place.

Remember this all came from the refusal for anyone to give these election fraud claims it’s day in court.

Protestors have stormed into the Capital Hill building and have halted proceedings. Tear gas is being used and the house representatives and Senators are being evacuated.

This is a way of buying more time that wasn’t on my list of outcomes this morning.

Mob rule is hard to predict but not surprising to see.

What comes next?

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