What does the inventor of mRNA vaccinations think about the vaccine?

This is another good discussion showing how politics and group think, change the message.

Remember you don’t need to be an antivaxxer to be sceptical about new medications.

I’ve had more vaccinations than a needle loving hypochondriac, and I still have serious reservations about being encouraged by the Government to take a vaccine that is still in its long term health effects trial period. I have lived my life singing the praises of viral immunology.

But I like my drugs well tested.

What I do like the idea mentioned in this piece, is the creation of an AI App that can help you weigh up the risks of whether you should get the jab or not.

All medical treatments have an element of risk. if you are young fit and healthy, I cant see how a right minded doctor would recommend you take a vaccine for a condition that is 99.99% survivable.

However, if you are older with existing health issues I can see why you would jump at the chance of the vaccine.

Always seek your own medical advice and these videos are shared so you can see what the advice is that the true experts etc are offering

The video presentation below is of the inventor of mRNA vaccines Dr. Robert Malone, speaking about his thoughts on the strategies that should be being considered by our medical boss’s.

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