What drugs are the press on?

This morning there is a headline in the NZ Herald

Covid-19 coronavirus: Why Government resorted to another snap lockdown – experts react

Intrigued by the term “experts” I read the article to see what level of brain trust we are being entrusted with this time.

The article is a little slow to get to any names and rather calls these experts – epidemiological and public health experts.

And as I read on we get to the first expert, Shaun Hendy. A climate change modeller who those of you rightly corrected me recently predicted that 80,000 (not 50,000) New Zealanders would perish if we took an approach that was more akin to Sweden’s.

So I’m trying to figure out what Hendy is, is he an epidemiological expert, public health expert or a mathematician who specialises in alarmism. I’ll give you one guess.

I saw Hendy in a bar recently but didn’t recognise him till he had left. What a shame, I would love to have asked him if he still stood by his 80,000 prediction, and why should anyone believe a word that comes out his mouth.

But it seems the press still give him the time of day. Why? I have no idea.

So who was the next expert, surprise surprise it was New Zealand’s most colourful expert Siouxsie “Lock em up” Wiles, who we all know by now must be an extension of Labour’s marketing arm. Hey Siouxsie, I noticed you deleted your “expert” video explanation of how good PCR tests are…any reason why?

So we get to our third “epidemiological and public health expert“ and it’s a name I haven’t heard of before. A professor from the university of Canterbury.

The article didn’t mention his credentials so I enthusiastically googled him to see if he is a virologist, an immunologist or another actual epidemiologist rather than Michael “I’ve got a diploma” Baker….

So what is this “expert professor from Canterbury university? Another mathematician. Michael Plank is a computer modeller. At least his credentials has computer modelling in the field of biology and epidemiological modelling so I guess we will give the herald a little credit on this one.

We were blessed with 4 experts though, and the last one was a psychologist. The message here was “be kind”

Nice one. Thanks for that.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This crises is being run by a highly political out-of-their-depth bunch of “health experts,” who have absolutely no real world experience in anything close to what broad range of considerations need to be taken into account with the health response.

We are told to wear masks even though a cloth mask has openings as wide as a barn door for the aerosols this virus can travel on.

We are told 80,000 people will die if we don’t have these strict measures.

We have a “Top” epidemiologist Michael Baker, who seems more interested in collecting medals rather than doing clinical work. I just read he received the honour of becoming a member of the New Zealand order of merit. What the fuck for exactly? Did he lose a cent of pay in the lockdowns?

Here are some stats to ponder while you are in lock down.

88% of people have zero to mild flu like symptoms if they become infected.

6% of deaths are attributed to Covid itself. Almost 2/3rds of Covid deaths are due to complications caused by Covid due to their existing ill health, and 1/3rd died with Covid where Covid had nothing to do with the cause of death. Such as a motorbike accident.

So it is safe to say that with 94% of the deaths the people who perished were going to die within the same day to the not too distant future.

The stats above show that the best approach is likely to be more like the following

Don’t shut down the county, let those that are healthy get on with life and if they catch Covid tell them to avoid at-risk people. They have a 99.9% of survival.

How do they avoid at risk people? the health authorities need to identify and strategise how to protect those at risk. There are many among us or are immunologically compromised and live their life with added caution. These are the ones that will pay a price of restricted movement Umi Gst the community, but have a guess what? Elimination requires herd immunity

Whilst some may think this is a crazy idea, the reality is herd immunity relies on the virus infecting many people so that they can no longer be carriers. The more people who the virus can’t reproduce in, the slower the virus can spread until it no longer is able to spread and it disappears, or it mutates enough for our defences to not recognise it as a secondary infection and it all starts again.

We are now told the vaccination is likely to create a new mutation more than natural immunity. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

Children are not at risk, teachers are not at risk, healthy people are not at risk. 88% of people will barely notice anything.

Are we getting the picture yet.

Just because the media publish death statistics of Covid to keep it in your face, does not mean there is some new crazy reality. Statistics tell us that Covid is the same as bad influenza years.

Hospitals regularly are overflowing with flu cases around the world, the elderly die (as do the young) from influenza every year of a range of circa 400,000 to 600,000 in a normal year, several million in very bad influenza years. And that is with a vaccine.

We need to learn to live with Covid people, everyone knows it except the so called experts.

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