What has Trump achieved

Trumpism. The all conquering information go to site “Wikipedia” calls Trumpism, “a political ideology, style of governance, political movement and set of mechanisms for acquiring and keeping power associated with United States president Donald Trump.”

The reality is he may not succeed in over riding Biden’s win. This reality must be met with the fact that Trumps legacy will live on for some time.

Trump has shown Republicans that they have balls for more than just fucking with the public. Rather than rolling over and taking one up the collective arse of the constituents, he has said to them all, how about saying no.

The democrats obviously have no low that they won’t stoop to, and so to fight the dirty dems they need to be a bit more gritty and antagonistic.

Let’s face, it if Trump had a better personality, he would be unstoppable. I don’t mind his antics but I can see why some are put off.

In this world of popularity over policy, you need to be liked before people will consider your policies.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason Trump did not have the press on his side, or his own party, or the deep state, his ex wife. Even his councils husband didn’t like him and was part of an organisation dedicated to bringing him down.

It was always going to be an uphill battle, but he has shown would be Republicans presidential hopefuls that some spunk can go a long way.

Trump may go, but he has left a permanent mark on the U.S. political scene.

The imposter stood up and took it like a man.

If you like Trump and haven’t bought into the media fuelled BS about racism, Russian asset or all the other lies, then be happy that even if they manage to remove the man, they can never kill the hope and balls that the Orange man brought to the political battle field.

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