What is the Great Reset?

I’m quite sure that were he alive today, George Orwell would be quite surprised at how much more of the globe than just that of the old Soviet Union could be applied to his novel 1984. This fog of nonsense served to us day by day from the Globalists with their out of sight bottom draw agreements that keep the media and the young global leaders all in lock step, would likely not have gotten past Orwell’s senses alerting him to the fact that something extremely evil is being carried out in plain sight in the world today. I’m equally sure that he would be inspired to write a new book with a title not too dissimilar to 1984, perhaps 2024. What is 40 years in the scheme of things?

Let me postulate , and then provide the evidence that surrounds us on this agenda that is being walked into our existence. A relatively small but influential group of people — let’s call them the Globalist Cabal — are currently engaged in an agenda to transition all of humanity from an old paradigm to a new paradigm. They have been working on this for decades, testing the tools of influence and gathering their seeds of ideas, and personnel in the right places. The number of seeds has grown in this time, bursting open two years ago with the announcement of an apparently novel virus (which was in fact a coronavirus manipulated in US-funded laboratories to include a synthetic Spike Protein). In virtual lockstep the governments from around the world put in place measures that had never been tried or tested before. Any who got in the way of the draconian rules were publicly fact checked, ridiculed and ultimately cancelled, regardless of their expertise.

We may not know the full extent of their plans. However, I have seen enough to be able to confidently assert that it involves the transformation of our economy, the transformation of our society and – most importantly – the transformation of people. Digital currencies to monitor your every dollar, Social Scoring systems, where people are rewarded or punished by the state. The transformation of people themselves — Transhumanism — is two-fold, involving a depopulation agenda as well as the synthesising and synchronising of humans with the digital world.

I have little time for those who still claim these are conspiracy theories. Those behind these agendas are carrying them out as we speak and they no longer take much care to hide where they believe we are headed. So if you really think these are conspiracy theories, you can always take it up with the likes of the Bank of International Settlements and World Economic Forum as they — not some geek in a basement — are the source of many of these claims.

In a world that is seemingly twisting further into an uncontrollable ball of chaos, most of the madness fits into an interconnected plan. The basics are a simple reality, the current financial systems we have come to rely on are in themselves untenable disasters waiting to happen. The debt levels that have been keeping the U.S. ticking (among many other nations) are in fact a ticking time bomb and it is time to transition to a new system.

Rather than being honest about this transition and informing everybody of this impending breakdown, instead they look to protect their own assets as much as possible, and transition to a new system via a controlled demolition of the old one.

The first part of that controlled demolition has already taken place over the last couple of years. Whatever else the Lockdowns, Masks and so-called vaccines were about, they now know how easy it is to manipulate masses of people using the vast and various psychological tools at their disposal, and how choosing something everyone cares about — health — is a great way to make people believe things which are utterly nonsensical, to the point that they are prepared to police themselves into unquestioningly obeying said nonsense.

Ludicrous comments were made in the height of the fear mongering by many, one major belief had the mantra where no amount of money was more important than a life. Very noble but seemingly forgetting the year before COVID we were complaining the Government wasn’t funding live saving medicines. Turns out we knew exactly how much a life was worth before COVID came along.

The true evil at play was just how much damage they knew this would do to the economy,  They knew these measures were bound to lead to economic apocalypse, with massive inflation being the inevitable consequence of shutting vast swathes of the global economy down at the same time as injecting enormous sums of money into it, and food shortages being the inevitable consequence of the deliberate rupture in global supply chains. All of which then sets the scene for those behind these things to offer what appears to be salvation itself to those who have bought into the phoney narrative — “vaccines” to solve Covid (rather than the cheap and effective treatments that they did everything in their power to suppress), and I would imagine “Digital Rationing” coming to solve the inflation and food crisis.

Most people cannot comprehend such evil. They cannot possibly grasp how those nice people they keep voting for could possibly put their hand to such an evil plough. But of course those nice people they keep voting for don’t think they are getting behind an evil plough. They think it’s a necessary plough, as did the bureaucracies in all totalitarian systems before them. Add to this the fact that the ultimate perpetrators of this wickedness are extraordinarily adept at hiding what they do behind doing good. That is, they are able to pose as well managed saviours, whilst in reality they are Agents of Chaos.

They told you that all their wicked policies, including putting people under house arrest, stopping them seeing their relatives, making them wear futile dehumanising face coverings, and compelling them to take an experimental blood-clotting, gene-editingprion disease-inducingimmune system-suppressing mRNA injection, were for health reasons. And all the while they did so hoping you would miss the elephant in the room, which is this: not once have they ever demanded answers as to how a synthetic Spike Protein made its way out of a lab, why it has part of the HIV genetic sequence added to it, and what on earth anyone was doing dabbling with this in the first place. These are vastly important questions that neither your Government nor its Globalist stenographers have ever once demanded answers to.

But in reality they are Agents of Chaos. The people I’m talking about know all about the origins of SARS-CoV-2. They know all about the real purposes of Lockdowns and masks. They know all about what the mRNA injections masquerading as “vaccines” are about. They know all about what has been going on in those Ukrainian biolabs and which Presidents, former Presidents and wives of former Presidents are ultimately behind them. They know all these things, yet they learned their Hegelian Dialecticism well and know how to divide people in order to turn their attention away from seeing their real enemy. For if the people were ever to turn their attention away from the narratives being created for them to bicker over, and really ask who was behind Covid-19 and what was their intention, why we’d all know who our real enemies are. But here’s a hint: back in November 2019, two months before the declaration of a virus outbreak, and three months before any of us plebeians had ever heard that dread phrase – Covid-19 – the US Department of Defense issued a contract for “Covid-19 Research” to a company based in Ukraine, which was working for a US company involved in those Ukrainian biolabs, and which was connected to the President’s son. Interesting, no?

Rather than focusing on the seismic shift in reality that is being grafted. We are busy judging those who didn’t take the vaccine, those that don’t wear masks. We are told we are racist or homophobic when we question authority. We have increasingly bizarre laws suggested, while what were once rights such as protesting now has you being smashed to pieces by state funded thugs that were meant to be on our side.

How quickly the world now hates Russia, over their prevention of an aggressive nationalist army about to enter into a genocide campaign. The perfect plan to focus the blame of the collapse of society on.

While soon poorer Europeans will be fighting over a loaf of bread, they are told to say damn you Putin when their shower water is cold.

This is also a war that could have been as easy to end as Ukraine agreeing to not support racist nationalists beating up on unarmed citizens. Agree to do that long term whilst ceasing your desires to be more aggressive towards Russia. Job done if a few nations had, had a quiet word in his ear. they did but they said anything but negotiate.

The political leaders prevented Ukraine from ending the conflict. They told the world Ukraine was winning and we will stand by your side till you are victorious. In reality the war is now a disaster for the Ukrainians who are losing their lives for the sake of good political PR.

The Russians continue the damage, they now have captured one of the major Nationalist army divisions and they identify them by the swastika and SS branding they have under their skin. They might not be actual Nazi’s but they certainly aren’t the kind of people you want patrolling the streets.

The press just stay quiet waiting for another propaganda piece to make it seem like Ukraine are having a ball fighting with Russia.

Meanwhile the political elite send billions of dollars to the laundromat. Its an arms deal bonanza. One where the fund managers and WEF loyal can position their monopoly board pieces to maximise the gains before the great resit sets in further.

Our focus needs to shift on how to stop the foolery. Their end game is how to reduce the middle class. How to control your demand on resources and if you are lucky enough to be allowed an existence, how to ensure you are there to best suit the elite and their desired outcomes.

I was asked how this would really affect anyone in real terms.

There are many ways of which all may not be put in place however, here goes.

Small Businesses will be a thing of the past, all of your requirements of which there will be a list you can choose from, will be serviced by large multinational organisations that grow/manufacture, distribute and sell their products such as food, clothing and a few other items.

You will have an allocation of how much you are allowed which will be controlled by your digital wallet. You will have a place to rent where you can live and share with others, things like your cooking and cleaning facilities.

Your computer will be monitored for what websites and social media sites you go to and also you will be rated on how compliant you are with your comments on social media. Should you speak in a disparaging way, your digital wallet may reduce your allocation of alcohol that week, if you continue you may be deemed unsafe and your transportation privileges will be removed from busses and trains. If you rebel you will be systematically shut out of being able to operate in society until you either change your ways or are swept off the sidewalk and taken to the crematorium.

You will be scanned in and out of work, super stores and transport hubs to ensure you have taken the right medications and have been behaving yourself, if you do well you will be afforded more allocation of desirable products from the superstore.

Holidays will be done via the holiday camps so popular in the UK in the 70’s, where you can lie in the sun while entertainers entertain your single child.

Cameras will identify you wherever you go and when you sit in front of your telly or computer, you will be only able to watch state approved entertainment and news.

Education will be very limited to the basics and what your future employment requirements is from the superstores and Government Ministry’s.

After all how else are you to Own Nothing and Be Happy

If you don’t believe such a life could ever be accepted by the people then you may be surprised that these things exist in various forms already.

Italy is issuing a “smart citizen wallet” that will issue digital points based on whether a citizen has demonstrated “virtuous behaviour” these points will then afford you discounts and other benefits

China has a social credit system which ranks citizens and punishes them with throttled internet speeds and flight bans if the communist party deems them untrustworthy.

We all recently were given the ability to go out based on whether we had taken a vaccine that now is proven to be as pointless as wearing a mask in your car while you are alone, or one at all based on physics.

We may be fleas on the back of a dog but there are many of us fleas and we have the ability to let politicians know what we will and wont accept.

Our only chance to stave off this impending paradigm shift is to ensure that our politicians are not WEF loyalists like Ardern, Trudeau, Macron and more like them.

Stop the falsely hyped diversions such as climate emergencies, demand answers on pandemics and the measures used to control them (and us) and above all else defend your right to your privacy and an existence that is one that need not be authorised by the state.

They are there to serve us not the other way around.


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