What misinformation?


The press, politicians and now Maori leader Mathew Tukaki are quick to say stop the misinformation, but none actually say what the misinformation is. also who’s to say what they are spreading isn’t misinformation.

Tutkaki is calling for the single voice of National Back Bencher Harete Hipango to quit her role as National MP for daring to speak out against mandatory vaccinations.

Ironically his only claim to misinformation is that under 12 vaccinations are not mandatory, yet did Hipango even state they were? Her comment, which Luxon made her delete, where she wrote about freedom and choice and said people were being branded as hate speakers, misinformers and anti-vaxxers for their views. Which is all true, just look at Tukaki’s comments.

Tukaki states “We have seen the impact of the virus on children in Europe and the USA, we are seeing the unfolding mess that is Australia so acting now will be imperative – and that includes being blunt about some of the messaging – for example; it is a lie that vaccinations for children are being mandated. They are not.”

Ironically he states that vaccinations are not mandatory but wants anyone silenced who may not want children to take the jab.

What impact have you seen Tukaki? There has been such a low impact on children that it has no statistical value globally. Tukaki talks of misinformation and calls for “adulting” and how will we feel if children start dying.

If they do Mathew, it is statistically likely to be from adverse events. It is a well known fact that healthy children have zero chance of having issues with COVID, the vaccine on the other hand… How will you feel when your whanau are mourning the loss of children to a medication you promote. One that hasn’t gone through proper testing and is now known to have virtually no benefit to the latest variant.

I fear your fear mongering and attempt to silence voices that don’t agree with yours, puts you squarely where Hipango was talking about. It is the behaviour we can expect from an ex UN worker. Spewing your own brand of misinformation and projecting your own misinformation onto others.

There are plenty of people who do not agree with blindly jabbing kids for something that poses no risk to them, and these people have the right to their opinion and the right to representation.

How about you put a sock in it Tukaki and let people have opinions that differ to yours because your voice isn’t necessarily supported by science, it’s a political football that only you want to play with. I would love to see you debate your views with someone like Dr Robert Malone (inventor of mRNA technology) who doesn’t agree with jabbing healthy kids.

Forget what those actual scientists are saying about jabbing kids. Oh look they are being silenced too, by social media non medical professionals just like you Tukaki.

And to Luxon, diversity of opinion is what makes for better decisions. Stop trying to make everyone have the same opinion. There are more than 10% of the population who do not agree with using experimental medication for something that is survivable for 99.6% of the population and growing.

It’s time to listen to scientists that represent the people, not just those that represent the wealthy shareholders of pharmaceutical companies.

How many of you are financially compromised with a conflict of interest here?

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