What planet are these guys on

Oh the joys of having paid the NZ herald some money to read the junk hidden behind their paywall.

Today’s half arsed journalism was courtesy of Matthew Hooten.

I’ll give him some credit on his observation that Collins is not the right person for the job when it comes to public sentiment. On the back of a 13% drop in the preferred PM stakes there should have been a big boost for Collins. It didn’t arrive and therefore it should be glaringly obvious to National that regardless of her competency the voting public are not viewing her as their next leader.

Hooten called for the National Dream team being a Bridges-Stanford ticket, with Luxon as finance spokesperson. With Bishop, Reti, Willis and Upston following in prominent positions. It’s hard to argue that one.

However tucked into what was generally a relatively credible assessment of the political sphere he couldn’t help but let the illogical and somewhat demented Hooten out. He expanded on the “show me your papers” concept that fake Tintin has tabled for finding the unvaccinated. particularly in cars leaving Auckland this Summer.

At first I thought he was going to slam this idea as being ludicrous and obviously anti basic human rights. However he simply felt this would hold up too much traffic, and instead these lower class scum should be dealt with like drunk drivers are, hefty fines should be issued to any unvaccinated person daring to live a normal life.

Once again we find ourselves with a who gives a flying fornicating baboon what government replaces the tyrants in the Beehive right now. If the attitude is this pandemic is the fault of those that don’t comply to the needle Nazis, then what is the point of another set of enforcers?

Hooten suggested it was silly of the protestors comparing Ardern to Hitler, Stalin or Mao. And called it distasteful. Well Hooten it would seem you are in the same camp with your suggestion that an even heavier fine should be dished out to the unvaccinated, heavier even than punishment that say a recidivist drunk drive would receive.

Perhaps you might want to cast your eyes over data from countries that have been vaccinating for way longer than good old NZ, and see who is spreading the virus there.

Where do these dick heads get off with their holier than though attitudes, because “I got a jab.” Yeah you did, one that apparently does fuck all to stop infections. So all you did is you bowed down and got suckered into to some state funded propaganda donating billions of our money to dodgy big pharma corporations. This is particularly concerning when it turns out a 6 cent medication is all that was really needed.

Where are the real journalists taking this nonsense to task.

Big fines my arse. How about we look at what happened before we had a vaccination. Countries had lower death rates out there, not every country was tallying up COVID deaths wholesale and countries that used Ivermectin ended up solving the issue faster than any vaccination has done. And now we are living with a less deadly version there is no real reason to be scared of the virus. So what to we do? now we tell everyone to treat the unvaccinated as the enemy.

Guess what? We can compare this to Nazi Germany Hooten, you just proved it in your claims that we have a second rate citizen that needs to be pried out of society. The techniques might be slightly different but the sentiment is exactly the same.

The only reason you call the comparison silly as you are firmly in the fascist camp yourself.

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