What will they do when he is gone?

To all you Trump Haters, its Ok to dislike someone. Even if the new hate laws that are being rolled out across the globe are actually meant to try and stop all those nasty words towards certain groups of people. Those laws that didn’t stop you pushing away those that dared to not hate Trump.

What will you do when you realize, it is you who have alienated yourself from your friends, your family and work colleagues? Those that dared to like Trump. Will these ghastly individua’s you spat on, now always be one of those people you don’t like any more? These evil racist rednecks that are the epidemy of human filth?

What will you do with those family members that you pushed away because the colour orange was spread across the media waves as a movement that must be stopped at all costs? Did that include those that were once those closest to you?, The words the media spread made you have to choose between your political beliefs and those close to you, how dare they do such damage to your reputation any way?

When you look in the mirror and wonder why the grandchildren no longer visit, and the people you loved are now a footnote in your own history books – what are you going to say to that reflection in the mirror?

When you realize Trump is no longer president, when he is now that footnote in our history books, will you reach out to those you looked at with such distain prior to his departure? Those you once thought as your friends, family or colleagues. Until you learned they didn’t hate Trump like you did. how dare they you thought and pushed them away.

What are you going to do when the government you like gets in power and replaces Trump, and the world is remarkably the same as it always was. Apart from now you have all this hate in your belly that has no home to go to. Do you breath a breath of relief, open your eyes, and look around you? Only to see it is your life that has been broken. Pulled apart and busted up.

You had so much hate for something that now seems like a distant whirlwind, one that pulled your world apart fueled by the media waves of the time. The jokes and lies of the man ended up being the the joke that lies on you, it all came at your expense. The media moves on now, but can you?

When you hissed the words “you right wing, you alt right” and “you racist” at all those around you that didn’t share your detest for a leader. Did you ever think that one day it would be all over, and that your friends and family should always be there for you? But what are they to think now? do you reach out with the olive branch or has the damage been done?

You may want to hope they are more forgiving than you ever were, or Trumps legacy will be a permanent one for you.

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