What’s really going on?

Its quite amazing how skewed the 2020 USA election news is.

One of the big questions that people keep going on about is, where is the evidence of Fraud?

It is not all that surprising as the the MSM is obfuscating big time as to what’s really going on.

Surprisingly, Kiwiblog is one of the worst perpetrators of nonsense news when it come to Trump.

I have started debunking some of the things coming out of KB after all the falsehoods I have read as a regular reader.

Farrar has made no secret of his dislike for Trump, and while his New Zealand political commentary is great, unfortunately the TDS has made Kiwiblog faker than half the tits in Hollywood when it come to Trump.

Below is a debunking I did last week


So, to answer the question where is the evidence and also put some context on the comments on how badly the court cases are going, carry on reading.

Trump has a small chance of overturning the election if he can prove that there was impropriety, fraud or unconstitutional voting occurring.

Trump has stated to close allies assisting him in this bid, that he just wants to know if he lost fairly and squarely. Or whether he was cheated and actually won.

Unlike what many people tell you, mail in voting is the most susceptible to fraud or other improper action out of all the election voting systems.

But where is the evidence? I hear you say.

So, the strategy of the legal team is twofold.

There are two battles that need to be won. The first one is the battle of public opinion. Without this it is easy for the courts to avoid having to make decisions. The second is to get the battle to the SCOTUS

When it comes to all these court cases that people go on about, there are two separate lots of cases. 1 lot is cases brought by private individuals that are not Trump’s team. The other lot are Trump’s legal team.

Some are public hearings in front of legislators, these public ones are doing a good job of setting the scene for the public opinion.

The evidence at this stage is the affidavits of various people involved with the elections. Both Democrats and Republicans have signed affidavits claiming all sorts of improper activity.

These affidavits include

  • Observers being too far away to observe counting
  • Challenged ballots being processed anyway
  • Ballots with addresses for churches, casinos or commercial buildings
  • No chain of custody
  • Ballots arriving unchecked
  • Ballots being counted multiple times
  • Ballots being changed
  • Computer voting machines being connected to the internet
  • Bullying of observers
  • Observers being removed from the counting areas
  • The list goes on

The cases that have come before the courts have largely been dismissed without inspection of the evidence.

So, when they say there is no evidence – it really is predominantly that no evidence has been heard. The cases did not proceed to the presenting of evidence in the first place which appears as no evidence.

The reasons given for some of the cases (where no evidence is heard), is that the applicant lacks standing. What this means is the judge believes that the applicant has not suffered any loss. This can be for several reasons and is actually unconstitutional, but has been used more and more since the 1930’s

Another reason the judge does not allow the case to proceed is for what is called “Laches” which means the case should have been brought earlier. This is what happened with the case in Pennsylvania where the judge deemed that the case should have been brought earlier (before the election loss). The trouble here is if it had been brought earlier, then they would have said the applicant lacks standing.

It’s a common issue for judges to use time as a factor in the USA legal system. Trying to get a case heard if you are not particularly popular in certain circles (such as Trump) is not always easy.

The cases where evidence does get heard it is typically information that things could have happened due to the strange behavior, but not necessarily the smoking gun required. What does come from these cases is the public hear the evidence and can start to see why the Trump team is making claims. They are also settings precedents along the way. With some Republican judges agreeing that there is reason for concern and reason cases could be heard. Something which recently occurred in the Pennsylvania Supreme court.

This all helps for when the cases get heard by the SCOTUS. Assuming they get that far.

Its all over

The other thing you hear a lot from the anti-trump brigade is that it is all over.

well no, it isn’t

So where we are at with moving forward with the battle…

Arizona                 Trump has had a good win here. The Court has ordered the inspection of ballots (small sample) but they are checking signatures. Also, to inspect and review duplicate ballots. Next week there is another case to go through the signature match check to see if all need to be checked.

Wisconsin            Wisconsin has strict laws on mail in and any that were not requested will be removed this will likely lead to a Trump win in this state. There is cases scheduled over the next few days

Georgia                Georgia is going to have the voting machines audited. There is a signature request being made next week in a hearing also.

Michigan              Hearings happening now at the time of writing

Pennsylvania     Emergency relief sought with SCOTUS

Nevada                Evidentiary hearing happening tomorrow, this is a better case for the Trumps team with good legal counsel.

Next few days will be very telling with the cases that are being heard.

Of course as I said it is a small chance for Trump but anyone telling you there are not statistical anomalies and evidence of impropriety are just buying bull shit wholesale.

Saying it is Occam’s Razor that the logical reason he lost is because people don’t want Trump, really only makes sense in the mind of someone with an unusual dislike for a politician. It would be like me saying the NZ election was rigged because I really don’t want Ardern as our Prime Minister, I mean really….

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