What’s up in Georgia?

Those of you are are as keenly awaiting the result of the forensic audit conducted in Maricopa, may like to read what’s going on in Georgia.

Safe to say things are heating up, with more pressure being put on officials to investigate the absentee ballots.

There was a hearing last night on this matter where the Judge said at one point that he was very interested in finding out if there were fraudulent ballots in the Fulton County ballot count.

However he then handed the opportunity back to the dodgy Secretary of State to look into their paperwork for another 20 days. more time to fudge the paperwork no doubt.

Who can forget the late night counting at the farm Arena in Fulton County. Where apparently it was all above board and legitimate.

On top of this there is still close to 350,000 ballots with no chain of custody documentation.

With the margin having Biden supposedly winning by 12,000 votes, certifying an election with no chain of custody for that many ballots is a problem

IT’S ALL ABOUT CHAIN OF CUSTODY DOCUMENTATION – Georgia’s 2020 Election Comes Down to This

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