When is the media going to let the sheep know the shepherd isn’t on their side.

Labour traditionally enjoys an easier ride from the media, the reality is that those that gravitate to media jobs are typically left leaning.

There have been plenty of studies that show this is the case both in New Zealand and abroad. There are some that argue the direction a journo’s voting habits lie, doesn’t mean they are a left leaning commentator. This may be true to a certain degree. A professional will do their best to avoid letting their bias show. But at the end of the day, no matter how hard a wolf in sheep’s clothing will try to fit in the the flock, at some point he will let his true colours show.

The shepherd on the other hand is there only to stop the wolves eating the sheep, on the count that every sheep taken by the wolf is one less chop on the shepherds dinner plate.

Having learned at the young age of 26 that the media are only interested in telling the story that suits them. One must wonder when the professionalism and more importantly (to them anyway) the credibility of our leading political commentators, will finally catch up with them. Will the finally wake up and reclaim publicly, “hang on a minute, this is not democracy, this is anal sex.”

Barry Soper who typically lives life with a rosy red tinge through his lenses, has had a crack at Mallard for his rape claims recently, His better half has definitely woken up to the hubris and is doing her best to hold the labour muppets to account. But apart from a few obvious others, it seems that the rest of the media are still all too happy to let Labour get away with the most ludicrous policies and complete bullshit, that it is pathetic.

Not everyone is a political junkie and not everyone has a good understanding of how the media/politician dance works. The voters predominantly vote the way that the general vibe is, which is driven by the mainstream media. They will grab a social issue that is important to them and vote with who the media says is better for us all.

Look at all the articles on people living in cars pre the 2017 election. Back then the waiting list was 5000 for public housing. It is now over 20,000 and I doubt there were 15,000 families living in cars in 2017, but who knows.

Tova O’Brian is so far up Ardern’s arsehole that she can conduct interviews from within Ardern’s subconscious. She visibly salivates when the polls shows a clear advantage to labour. But this infatuation with our Prime Minister means she is just playing defence for the Governments mistakes. Rather than asking the hard questions, Tova knows how quickly she could be sent to the outer sphere to join Mike Hosking. Should she dare ask our propaganda machine Ardern a tricky question she will no longer be in the cool squad, so she sticks to playing henchmen to Ardern’s detractors.

We know she can be a mean girl, if you watch the way she enjoyed making Jamie-Lee Ross shit 25 colours of Twat in a live interview last year. She is more than capable of asking curly questions. But alas to those that dish out emergency media funds, those questions never make it to the larynx.

So the babbling brook of ineptitude that is the Labour ministers continue blundering their way through valley of announcements that end up as an allocation of funds that go no where. They are all fart as no shit gets done.

It’s now a fight between Ardern and Robertson as to who can grab the more centralised power and tyranny. The two most inept high ranking politicians we have ever had are clutching at more control in the capital than a run away South American military socialist leader with a truck load of cocaine and an ego the size of Grant Robertson’s boyfriends company car. All whilst a complicit media don’t dare ask a question that challenges the power hungry nature of the laws being smashed through parliament.

How would the media react if it was National who got found to have locked us down without legal grounds, or spent $30,000,000 tax payer dollars illegally. But Ardern just frowns, gives the concerned look at the wanting press in the gallery and says it needed to happen. The next day the headlines tell the masses its all in the name of kindness.

My child got the concerned look once. I couldn’t resist walking to school with our illustrious leader on one of her primary school visits. My daughter managed to run past Ardern and fall over and skin her knees right in front of the princess of kindness. Ardern walked on by as my daughter whaled in pain and give the concerned look before feigning distraction elsewhere and we parted company.

I didn’t really expect the Prime Minister to do anything, but the look reminded me of how a preying mantis must feel when he finally gets laid only to swiftly be eaten head first by his new girlfriend.

However, the good news is, surely the media can smell blood. Death by a thousand cuts is how I would say the current government is going. I think the single pillar of strength Ardern has, is the public’s belief she saved us from Covid. Its that final cut of the public realising it was not good governance that saved us from a mass Covid transmission, but purely the blessing of living in a small population over a large area.

To put things in prospective Japan is about 30% larger than New Zealand but it has a population 2,500% larger than our own. For Japan to have the same density of people as New Zealand per square kilometre it would need to be more than twice the size of India – remember the virus only travels so far on its own. It is the movement from one person to another, predominantly indoors, that spreads it. For once it appears our rubbish inept public transport saved us.

Its pretty hard to catch Covid in your car when you are travelling alone – even if you don’t wear a mask, in your car, alone, like the fucking morons I saw in the height of the Covid fear

Any way, surely it can only be a short amount of time before the media start to cry “the emperor has no clothes.” Then the sheep can wake up to the fact their freedom is diminishing like Nania Mahuta’s view of her toenails.

Maybe then we can stop the Tyranny. But with the likes of Tova O’Brian streaming live from the depths of Arderns colon, and the communications expert combined with b rate acting that Ardern has perfected. it may be a while before the sheep wake to the fact they are having their own wool sold to them at a premium.

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