When the Ship Hits the Fan

Coming to a Port near you

It was announced today that there is a new surcharge for imported containers.  As we have already covered in the old quizzes, what that means is the cost of most inputs into manufactured goods and processed foods will increase.

The prices on the shelf will go up and JA, Roberston (and last time Phil Goff) will all start screaming at the supermarkets that they are colluding on price, or ‘price gouging’ or some such nonsense. 

The reality is we are the last bus stop on most shipping routes.  Our Covid strategy means vessels with Crews coming to an end of their work cycle and need to tranship, can’t come here, so they don’t.  Along with other factors, this further limits the number of vessels that come here.

So in a few days when those of limited mental ability catch on, we will hear them start screaming.  Not that their  Covid strategy is failing NZ, but that the supermarkets are basically bastards. You heard it here first

Wait for it….Wait for it……

Schmee (PC)

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