When will they be honest about vaccines and masks?

Neither of them stop the transmission of the virus and it’s not even a badly kept secret anymore.

Even Fauci and Bloomfield admitted masks didn’t do anything, but the Government wanted people to wear masks to remind them of the emergency.

You would have thought people dying of the virus causing the pandemic would be enough, but when you have to get tested to let you know you are infected – it starts to make sense that masks need to be worn as a reminder rather than actually having any health benefits

Talking on efficacy of masks, it has been known for decades that wearing a mask doesn’t prevent respiratory viruses from going from mask wearer to a mask wearer.

Recent studies have been done and more are being published as we speak on the con that mass mask wearing is.

It’s got to the point that you now have countless mask nazi’s going around and taking it on themselves to give you grief if you aren’t wearing this hideous device.

Here’s some further reading on face masks from the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine.

Masking lack of evidence with politics


Next we have a study on the vaccines ability to stop transmission. Thanks for sharing Mickey Blue eyes.


The study shows that high vaccination rates do not correlate to lower transmission rates.

In the findings of the study the author quotes.

“At the country-level, there appears to be no discernable relationship between percentage of population fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases in the last 7 days (Fig. 1). In fact, the trend line suggests a marginally positive association such that countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher COVID-19 cases per 1 million people”

Relationship between cases per 1 million people (last 7 days) and percentage of population fully vaccinated across 68 countries as of September 3, 2021


I had been doing quite a lot of research on infection spikes in various countries.

I noticed a trend which is that most countries that displayed a rapid reduction in infection rates, did so well before a significant percentage of the population had been vaccinated.

It was difficult to find a correlation between increased vaccination levels and a decrease in infections. In fact the opposite was easier to find.

One only needs to look at the following overlay of vaccine rates and infections for the UK.

Uk vaccination rate overlaid with infections

Here is a different region (Denmark) and again the vaccine versus infection rate seems to not prove the vaccine is driving the trend.

Below is Portugal, which was at one point the poster child of vaccines efficacy, but again the trend lines don’t show any glaring correlation.

Portugal infections versus vaccinations

India below paints a different picture. By the middle of June, where the spike had dropped back down, India had only reached 3.3% fully vaccinated

India has just reached 20% fully vaccinated

India is still way bellow the regions above in terms of vaccine roll out and has largely relied on ivermectin in some regions. the low vaccination rate hasn’t stopped the steady drop in infections.

We couldn’t do one of these without including Sweden. Who knows what’s going on with Sweden, apart from that they are getting on with getting on.

No lockdowns, school closures or destruction of the economy and they did better than similar European countries that locked down.

And now the one that has lots of people miffed. Singapore with only 37 deaths as of August 1 from 65,000 infections, has in the last two and a half months jumped to 224 deaths from 145,000 cases

Now I can hear the name callers saying it’s stopping people getting sick and the data coming out of the English NHS does back the theory that people are getting less sick from it if they have taken the vaccine.

But we don’t know how this story ends yet do we. More jabs will equate to more adverse reactions and we have t even visited Antibody Enhancement Dependency. Which to date hasn’t seemed to raise its ugly head.

It’s only blood clots and myocarditis that we need to worry about.

We have learned recently that getting the vaccine injected intravenously rather than intramuscular is problematic and lots more care needs to go into ensuring the needle is only in muscle.

Something that should have been hammered home to every $55 earning jabber prior to roll out.

So it’s a precautionary treatment that can retard transmission, but the evidence is saying it is spreading faster with the more of the population that is vaccinated.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it all you haters on the unvaccinated.

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