Where did influenza go?

logic and our media and health officials are jumping to say that it was all the lockdowns and precautions taken regarding the virus. This is probably partially true in some very small degree due to some people taking precautions to the limit. But one statistic makes this theory a little harder to buy in to. This being countries that didn’t have as severe (or any) lock downs are also experiencing the flu drop.

We all know Sweden had a different approach, and oh how they were vilified for it. However, as time progresses, they have ended up with similar stats to countries with strict lock downs when it comes to COVID-19. It is now apparent the same can be said for this remarkable drop in the Flu.

So today the media are using this reality of low flu rates to justify lockdowns. But Sweden didn’t lock down. Also the flu doesn’t have the same age distribution of COVID and children are very susceptible to the flu. Schools remained open in Sweden.

So perhaps the likely outcome from this, is a little more trust in your residents is what you need. Sweden educated the population and they got on with life. But in reality this isn’t the first time this has happened.

Sweden really is the test case for comparing a sound education program versus tyrannical destruction of our way of life when it comes to pandemics. The tyrannical approach seems the preferred method of the far left leaders such as Arden and Trudeau.

However in regards to the flu disappearing; It was not lock downs (this is now obvious), it is not facemasks (countless studies now show cotton masks are useless) Its not that the flu has been lumped in with COVID-19 as you will see below- so what is it?

Below is a link to the history of more how transferable viruses will end up displacing other viruses. This fairly well documented phenonium has been well researched.

So good try in painting the lord Ardern as the saviour of the world but “computer says NO”

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