Where do Stuff find these numbskulls?

And this one is a marketing lecturer at Otago


Morgan Godfrey, knock knock knock on the skull, is there a brain in that head of yours?

To be fair, he is making a point that the severely health compromised deserve their freedom, but is the mask wearing, or lack there of restricting them from living life as normal.

Godfrey writes an opinion piece on masks and his advocacy for them, but unfortunately he either is wilfully ignorant, is still buying the propaganda or is simply dimmer than an extinguished candle.

lets take a look at some of Morgan’s claims

Let’s start with this line

“In the near future historians of the 2020s might mark December 2021 as the end of New Zealand’s world-leading elimination strategy.”

In what can only be described as a good thought but a stupid idea, the elimination strategy was plucked from the minds of those epidemiologists who continue to prove that their non-real-world education puts them in the same category as the student politicians that make up our Government.

The blind leading the blind strategy is what we had in New Zealand, and no doubt Godfrey is quoting his fellow Otago lecturer Michael Baker as he scribbled this article that whilst reeks of kindness is rather light on facts.

Elimination was never an option, unless we wanted to shut down our borders forever. A quote from Peter Davis that we saved thousands of lives hasn’t aged particularly well. The time we lived as a hermit kingdom has lead to the huge issues we have now with lack of staff. Doctors, nurses builders, manufacturing, hospitality etc etc etc. The closure of the borders is now going to lead to worse outcomes than the over hyped virus. The hangover of the so called cure will live on way past the emergency COVID-19 era. Peoples livelihoods ruined our health industry in crisis and the economy more than wobbling and this writer still uses the term “world leading” strategy.

I think what we really learned is the epidemiology curriculum needs a serious rewrite. But to be fair, Michael Baker never did the full epidemiological course. Did Rod Jackson or Peter Davis?

It was a “delaying the inevitable” strategy, particularly with the MIQ system we had being about as effective as using a sieve as a spoon with a bucket of water.

Nothing that starts with this Labour Government will ever qualify as “world leading” unless you are describing how ineffective they are.

The next cognitive fart is the following sentence.

“I’ve had three doses of the vaccine and a prior infection, meaning my risk of contracting a serious bout of the virus is relatively low.”

Regardless of your vaccination status or prior infection your chances of contracting a serious bout is statistically zero Morgan. You have many more times chance of the vaccines and booster giving you health issues than the virus. You are young and without serious co-morbidities. Many immune compromised people have had the virus without issue. the unvaccinated are doing just fine.

Maybe you should do an article on the unusually high fatality rate of young New Zealanders from non COVID-19 fatality. How many people of your age globally, that are of relative good health have got seriously ill, either before or after the vaccines from the Corona Morgan? Now compare that to SADD’s which is now the leading cause of death in many highly vaccinated populations.

But perhaps the stupidest part of that statement is that he has had three jabs and still got the infection. Oh but the vaccine was never going to stop infections it gives a protection from getting hospitalised will be the sigh filled claim. Yeah right. Explain why the highest vaccinated countries have worse death rates that the low vaccination countries. Why have statistics been fabricated, we actually now now they are fudged as they lumped in all the unvaccinated data from before there was a vaccine to show that the unvaccinated had a higher rate of hospitalisation. They call people who had any of the jabs less than 14 days from getting ill as an unvaccinated person and it gets even worse. For example, if you have had three jabs in Canada you are considered unvaccinated. Take that for a drive.

Let’s go on

“Good quality masks, from N95s to P2s, can measurably reduce transmission between people.”

This quote is linked to a Washington Post bit of propaganda. It says “we conducted the largest study on masks and COVID-19: they work.“

I assume you haven’t read the study Morgan, I have, and the study found that masks made no difference. both surgical and cloth masks ended with the conclusion “This study does not point to a real-world benefit to masks, and it clearly doesn’t point towards making public policy in favour of mask mandates. The Washington Post article’s claim of a 9% reduction was incorrect. the real numbers were a few in 1,000 for medical masks and nothing for cloth masks. it was so vague that even the colour of the mask made a bigger difference than whether you wore one or not

Here is the analysis of the data that they conveniently omit in the article you linked on the study https://www.skirsch.com/covid/BangladeshMaskReview.pdf

Oh the irony of this study being used to show that the N95 and P2 masks work goes further when you realise they didn’t include N95 or P2 masks. There is a study that shows the N95 masks that are fit test passed and worn in conjunction with a facemark  gloves and a gown showed a reduction in viral counts. https://academic.oup.com/jid/article/226/2/199/6582941?login=false

but the studies done, there have been plenty show there is no justification for mask mandates or use. something we have known for years and why Fauci, Bloomfield and co said Masks are useless in the early days before politics took over.

So if everyone walks around in a fit tested N95 mask and gloves, facemark and a gown all day we can allow the most vulnerable back out to mingle in hospital waiting rooms. Oh but they won’t be seen because they will die waiting to be seen due to the shortages in staff.

Unfortunately Morgan is yet more proof that our so called educated elite folk who are fortunate enough to publish in one of New Zealands main publications are at risk of more stupidity than a life long episode of Jack Arse.

Historians will remember the 2020’s as when society lost the plot and corporate greed and political ideology lead to the most horrific social experiment.

Lets face it, very few of us know someone who’s life has been cut drastically short by the virus, but we all know people who the cost of the lockdowns and mandates has if not cost their life has caused severe health issues and the loss of their livelihood.

But rather than report on that we can pseudo science that can’t even get its facts right on why a useless intervention should be continued.

How about you tell the truth about how badly we have been treated and continue to be in the name of emergency powers. There is no emergency.

You are the Conspiracy Theorist Morgan.



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